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How to pronounce vox-populi (audio)


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Dictionary definition of vox-populi

The collective opinions, beliefs, or preferences of the general public or the masses.
"She disregarded the vox populi and did what she thought was right."

Detailed meaning of vox-populi

The noun "vox populi," derived from Latin, translates to "voice of the people" in English. Vox populi represents the idea that the views and sentiments of a large and diverse group of individuals can hold significant influence and provide insight into prevailing public sentiment on various issues. Often used in discussions of politics, social trends, or cultural matters, the term underscores the importance of considering public opinion in decision-making processes and understanding the broader perspectives and attitudes within a society. While vox populi is a valuable source of insight, it is essential to recognize that it can be diverse and multifaceted, reflecting a range of viewpoints within a given population.

Example sentences containing vox-populi

1. She disregarded the vox populi and stuck to her own beliefs.
2. The company's decision to change its policies was based on the vox populi.
3. He used the vox populi to justify his actions.
4. She ignored the vox populi and went against the popular opinion.
5. The government's policies were in line with the vox populi.
6. He took into account the vox populi when making his decision.

History and etymology of vox-populi

The noun 'vox populi' has its origins in Latin, where 'vox' means 'voice,' and 'populi' is the genitive form of 'populus,' meaning 'people' or 'the public.' When combined, 'vox populi' translates to 'voice of the people.' This term has been historically used to represent the collective opinions, beliefs, or preferences of the general public or the masses. It emphasizes the idea that the voice or viewpoint of the majority carries significance and should be taken into account. 'Vox populi' underscores the importance of public sentiment and serves as a reminder of the democratic principle that the voice of the people should influence decision-making and governance.

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Further usage examples of vox-populi

1. The organization's decisions were based on the vox populi.
2. He used the vox populi to gauge public opinion.
3. She disregarded the vox populi and instead focused on facts and evidence.
4. The politician's campaign strategy was based on the vox populi.
5. He listened to the vox populi and made changes to his policies to reflect the people's needs.
6. Politicians rely on understanding the vox-populi to shape their policies effectively.
7. The vox-populi, or voice of the people, plays a pivotal role in democratic societies.
8. Journalists aim to capture the diverse nuances of the vox-populi's opinions.
9. Public opinion polls provide valuable insights into the vox-populi's sentiments.
10. The vox-populi's collective voice can significantly impact the outcomes of elections.
11. In the age of social media, the vox-populi's influence reaches new heights.
12. Leaders who heed the vox-populi's concerns often gain public trust and support.
13. The vox-populi's perspective can spark social movements for change.
14. Artists often draw inspiration from the vox-populi's emotions and experiences.
15. Successful products and services are tailored to the vox-populi's desires.
16. Historians analyze the shifts in the vox-populi's opinions over time.
17. The vox-populi's wisdom and demands drive innovation in various fields.
18. Grassroots movements represent the voices and concerns of the vox-populi.
19. The vox-populi's preferences shape the course of cultural and artistic trends.
20. Leaders who disregard the vox-populi's feedback risk losing public confidence.
21. Vox-populi-driven feedback loops contribute to technological advancements.
22. Public policy that aligns with the vox-populi's needs can lead to societal progress.
23. The vox-populi's collective voice serves as a reflection of society's values.
24. Understanding the vox-populi is essential for navigating complex social issues.
25. In democratic governance, the vox-populi remains a powerful force for change.



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