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How to pronounce zilch (audio)


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Dictionary definition of zilch

Nothing, zero, or an absence of something.
"He promised to help, but his contribution amounted to zilch."


Detailed meaning of zilch

It represents a state or quantity of absolute emptiness or lack. When someone says they have "zilch," they are expressing that they possess or have achieved absolutely nothing. This term is often used in casual conversation to convey a complete absence or a total lack of something, whether it be material possessions, progress, results, or any other measurable or tangible entity. It carries a sense of finality, emphasizing a complete absence or nonexistence. In a figurative sense, "zilch" can also be used to express disappointment, frustration, or a sense of failure when expectations or efforts have yielded no outcome or reward. Overall, "zilch" is a straightforward and colloquial term that succinctly communicates the concept of nothingness or complete absence.

Example sentences containing zilch

1. Despite their efforts, they achieved zilch in the competition.
2. The company's latest marketing campaign resulted in zilch sales.
3. After searching the entire house, I found zilch clues about the missing keys.
4. She studied all night for the test and ended up with zilch points.
5. The negotiations with the other company led to zilch progress.
6. The project's budget got cut, leaving us with zilch funds to complete it.

History and etymology of zilch

The noun 'zilch' is an informal term of American origin, and its etymology is not entirely clear. It is believed to have emerged in the mid-20th century as slang. 'Zilch' is often used to represent the concept of nothing, zero, or the absence of something. While its exact origins are somewhat obscure, it has become a commonly used colloquial expression to convey a complete lack or emptiness, emphasizing the absence of quantity or value. The term 'zilch' highlights the inventive and playful nature of language, as speakers have continuously coined informal words to express ideas succinctly and with a touch of humor.

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Further usage examples of zilch

1. He searched his pockets and discovered zilch cash left.
2. Despite training for months, he finished the race with zilch energy remaining.
3. The company's investment in the new product yielded zilch returns.
4. The team's efforts to secure funding resulted in zilch support from investors.
5. She spent hours shopping but found zilch that caught her eye.
6. The rain ruined our plans for a picnic, and we ended up with zilch outdoor fun.
7. Despite asking for help, she received zilch assistance from her colleagues.
8. The last-minute change in the schedule left us with zilch time to prepare.
9. We searched high and low but found zilch evidence to support our theory.
10. He spent hours at the gym, but his workout routine produced zilch muscle gain.
11. The team's strategy was flawed, resulting in zilch points on the scoreboard.
12. The long wait for the bus left us with zilch patience.
13. They hoped for a promotion, but they received zilch recognition for their hard work.
14. Despite their promises, I received zilch in return for my efforts.
15. After searching high and low, I found absolutely zilch.
16. His contribution to the project amounted to zilch.
17. We expected some support, but we got zilch from them.
18. The budget for this project is zilch; we need to find funding.
19. My energy levels hit rock bottom; I had zilch left to give.
20. The test results showed zilch improvement in my scores.
21. I checked my pockets, but there was only zilch left.
22. When it comes to excuses, he has a talent for producing zilch.
23. After the sale, our inventory was reduced to zilch.
24. Despite my efforts to negotiate, they offered me zilch in compensation.



nothing, everything, abundance, plenty


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