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Examples of 'agile' in a Sentence

1. Despite his age, he remains an agile thinker, always ready to learn new things.
2. The agile startup was able to pivot and adapt to the changing market conditions.
3. An agile athlete can excel in many different sports.
4. Their agile decision-making process allows them to respond quickly to customer feedback.
5. The gazelle is known for its agile movements, easily evading predators.
6. In the modern business world, being agile is more important than being big.
7. The agile company outperformed its competitors, despite having fewer resources.
8. Her agile maneuvers in the debate left her opponent speechless.
9. In basketball, being agile is just as important as being tall.
10. The agile squirrel dashed up the tree, out of reach of the pursuing dog.
11. His agile mind quickly grasped the complex mathematical concepts.
12. Having an agile approach in today's fast-paced world can be a game-changer.
13. The hummingbird is an agile flyer, capable of hovering and even flying backwards.
14. An agile software development process focuses on flexibility and customer satisfaction.
15. The agile athlete effortlessly weaved through the obstacles in the obstacle course.
16. The agile cat gracefully leaped from one rooftop to another.
17. The agile project team efficiently tackled unexpected challenges and delivered the project ahead of schedule.
18. With their agile mindset, the students easily embraced new learning methods and technologies.
19. The agile startup rapidly responded to customer feedback, constantly iterating and improving their product.
20. The agile dancer showcased impressive moves, effortlessly transitioning between different dance styles.
21. The agile decision-maker swiftly analyzed the situation and made a well-informed choice.
22. The agile software development team utilized an iterative approach to continuously deliver functional features.
23. With their agile manufacturing process, the company efficiently adjusted production based on customer demands.
24. The agile leader effectively delegated tasks, empowering team members to make quick decisions.
25. The agile thinker approached problems from multiple angles, finding creative solutions in a fast-paced environment.

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