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Examples of 'avail' in a Sentence


1. We should avail ourselves of the chance to explore new places.
2. The information provided will avail you in making an informed decision.
3. The medical treatment did not avail the patient a complete recovery.
4. The efforts of the volunteers availed the community in times of need.
5. You should avail yourself of the support and guidance offered by your mentors.
6. Despite his pleas, his arguments did not avail him leniency.
7. The training program will avail you of the necessary skills for the job.
8. We must avail ourselves of the latest technology to stay competitive.
9. The advice given by the expert will avail you in solving the problem.
10. The company's extensive network avails them access to global markets.
11. The discount coupon will avail you a reduced price on your purchase.
12. She hopes that her hard work will avail her the promotion she desires.
13. The information provided will avail you insight into the topic.
14. The public transportation system avails commuters an efficient way to travel.


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