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Examples of 'canard' in a Sentence

1. She was accused of spreading a canard about her colleagues to advance her own career.
2. The canard that the company was going bankrupt was just a rumor.
3. He spread the canard that the new technology was impossible to use.
4. The canard that the teacher was unfair was disproven by the students' high test scores.
5. She was fed up of dealing with canard circulating about her in the office.
6. The canard that the product was dangerous was completely false.
7. The rumor about her was just a canard to damage her reputation.
8. Many considered his statement a canard, designed to mislead the public.
9. Politicians often have to deal with canards during election seasons.
10. That old canard about the moon landing being fake still lingers.
11. I realized the story was a canard when the facts didn't line up.
12. Spreading a canard can have serious consequences in today's information age.
13. She was quick to debunk the canard about her business dealings.
14. Always fact-check to avoid falling for a canard.
15. He regretted believing the canard without verifying it first.
16. Old legends sometimes contain a canard or two, wrapped in myth.
17. It's disheartening to see a well-crafted canard overshadow the truth.
18. Journalists have an ethical responsibility to avoid promoting canards.
19. Some canards persist for generations, becoming part of cultural folklore.
20. A canard might seem harmless, but it can alter public perception greatly.
21. When the truth emerged, the canard was exposed and the liar shamed.

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