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Examples of 'chronological' in a Sentence

1. The teacher requested a chronological essay detailing the rise and fall of Rome.
2. He organized the chapters in chronological order to make the novel easy to follow.
3. The team planned the project phases in a chronological manner for better execution.
4. The art gallery displayed the paintings in chronological sequence by the artist's age.
5. I arranged the emails in chronological order to track the conversation's progress.
6. The TV series confused viewers by disrupting the chronological flow of the story.
7. In the biography, the author followed a chronological structure for coherence.
8. Her scrapbook maintained a chronological layout, capturing years of memories.
9. The museum presented artifacts in a chronological arrangement for educational value.
10. The playlist was created in chronological order, featuring the band's career span.
11. A chronological review of the patient's history aided the doctor in diagnosis.
12. She organized her digital files in chronological folders for easy retrieval.
13. He took a chronological approach to narrate his travel experiences in the blog.
14. The history book used chronological sections to describe each era's major events.
15. The timeline was presented in chronological order, starting from the earliest event.
16. The historical events were arranged in a chronological sequence for better understanding.
17. She kept a chronological diary of her travels.
18. The paintings in the museum were displayed in chronological order, from the oldest to the newest.
19. He organized his research findings in chronological order.
20. The author followed a chronological approach in writing the biography.
21. The chronological events of the day were recorded in the police report.
22. The historian used a chronological approach to study the events of the revolution.
23. The chronological order of events was disrupted due to the unexpected arrival.
24. The chronological progression of the story was easy to follow.
25. The chronological arrangement of the photographs helped to tell the story.
26. The chronological order of the music tracks was carefully selected to create a specific mood.


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