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Examples of 'clement' in a Sentence

1. The park is always full on clement days.
2. The beach is especially beautiful under the clement summer sun.
3. They took advantage of the clement weather and went hiking.
4. We are waiting for clement conditions to start the construction project.
5. The sudden clement weather change allowed us to host the event outside.
6. Clement weather provides the best opportunities for outdoor photography.
7. The clement morning was perfect for a long bike ride.
8. We postponed our trip until we could ensure more clement weather.
9. After weeks of rain, the clement day was a pleasant surprise.
10. Despite the season, it was a clement day, perfect for a garden party.
11. During these clement summer evenings, you can often find the townsfolk strolling the square.
12. A clement autumn day is ideal for apple picking.
13. We enjoyed a clement afternoon sailing on the lake.
14. It's such a clement day, let's have lunch in the garden.

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