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Examples of 'college' in a Sentence

1. She attended college on a full scholarship.
2. The college basketball team won the championship for the third year in a row.
3. The college professor was known for her engaging teaching style.
4. I spent countless hours studying in the college's computer lab.
5. College life was a transformative experience that helped shape my future.
6. Attending college broadens your horizons.
7. The college campus was bustling with students.
8. She's majoring in psychology at the local college.
9. College tuition can be a significant expense.
10. He's excited to start college this fall.
11. College life offers many learning opportunities.
12. The college library is a valuable resource.
13. College admissions can be competitive.
14. Graduating from college is a major achievement.
15. College applications require careful preparation.
16. Choosing a college can be a daunting decision.
17. The college offers a wide range of majors.
18. College athletes excel both in sports and academics.
19. College professors often conduct research.
20. Student loans can help finance college education.
21. The college provides scholarships for high achievers.
22. College campuses are diverse and vibrant places.
23. He's considering transferring to a different college.
24. College graduation marks the end of an era.
25. College alumni often stay connected through networks.

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