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Examples of 'collegial' in a Sentence

1. Collegial support from coworkers is invaluable in times of stress.
2. A collegial work culture values input from all employees.
3. The company's success is attributed to its collegial work ethic.
4. Collegial interactions among professors benefit students.
5. Collegial relationships are built on mutual respect and cooperation.
6. Collegial collaboration is essential in research projects.
7. A collegial atmosphere encourages employees to share their insights.
8. The organization promotes a collegial approach to conflict resolution.
9. Collegial mentoring programs help new employees integrate smoothly.
10. The collegial nature of the committee encourages diverse perspectives.
11. Collegial networking events allow professionals to connect.
12. Collegial teamwork is crucial in achieving project goals.
13. Collegial feedback helps individuals grow in their careers.
14. A collegial mindset values input from colleagues at all levels.
15. Collegial trust is the foundation of successful partnerships.
16. Collegial relationships foster a sense of belonging in the workplace.
17. Collegial communication channels promote transparency.
18. Collegial decision-making ensures all voices are heard.
19. The collegial exchange of best practices benefits the organization.

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