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Examples of 'colonialism' in a Sentence

1. The study explores the environmental consequences of colonialism.
2. The course covers the literature produced during the period of French colonialism.
3. The effects of colonialism are still felt in the social structure of many nations.
4. The remnants of Dutch colonialism are evident in the architecture of the city.
5. The struggle against colonialism defined much of the 20th century.
6. Colonialism led to the introduction of European languages in many parts of the world.
7. The nation's art scene has been influenced by its past of Portuguese colonialism.
8. The era of colonialism had profound impacts on educational systems worldwide.
9. His documentary sheds light on the harsh realities of colonialism.
10. Colonialism has left a deep imprint on the country's political landscape.
11. The book investigates the role of women during the period of American colonialism.
12. The vestiges of colonialism remain visible in our city's infrastructure.
13. The colonialism era reshaped the cultural dynamics of many regions.
14. The influences of colonialism are deeply ingrained in our society.

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