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Examples of 'combatants' in a Sentence

1. A ceasefire offered a brief respite for the combatants.
2. The combatants displayed unwavering determination.
3. Civilians were caught in the crossfire of the combatants.
4. Aid organizations struggled to reach trapped combatants.
5. Negotiations aimed at reconciling the combatants stalled.
6. The combatants' uniforms bore the scars of battle.
7. Combatants on both sides yearned for peace.
8. Fear gripped the hearts of the weary combatants.
9. The combatants' families anxiously awaited their return.
10. Humanitarian efforts aimed to alleviate suffering for combatants.
11. International pressure mounted to halt the combatants.
12. The combatants faced harsh conditions in the wilderness.
13. Combatants endured mental and physical hardships.
14. The combatants' stories revealed the horrors of war.
15. A truce briefly united the weary combatants.
16. The combatants' resolve remained unshaken.
17. Journalists risked their lives to document the combatants' plight.
18. The combatants yearned for a future without conflict.
19. History would remember the names of these brave combatants.

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