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Examples of 'compact' in a Sentence

1. The compact SUV was perfect for navigating narrow city streets.
2. She organized her makeup collection in a compact organizer to save space on her vanity.
3. The compact gym equipment allowed for a full-body workout in a small apartment.
4. The compact umbrella fit perfectly in her bag, providing protection from the rain.
5. The compact city car was fuel-efficient and ideal for commuting in a bustling metropolis.
6. His compact car was perfect for city driving.
7. The apartment had a compact but cozy layout.
8. The compact camera easily fits in your pocket.
9. A compact design saves space in the kitchen.
10. The tablet's compact size makes it portable.
11. The compact suitcase held all her essentials.
12. The compact garden made the most of limited space.
13. Compact laptops are convenient for travel.
14. The city's compact layout encourages walking.
15. A compact wallet keeps things organized.
16. The hotel room had a compact yet stylish bathroom.
17. The house had a compact, efficient heating system.
18. The compact speaker delivered impressive sound.
19. The library had a compact collection of books.
20. The compact furniture maximized living room space.
21. Her compact purse was perfect for a night out.
22. The camp stove's compact design is ideal for hiking.
23. Compact fluorescent bulbs are energy-efficient.
24. The compact desk was perfect for a small office.
25. The compact gym offered a range of workout options.

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