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Examples of 'complicated' in a Sentence

1. The negotiation process for the business deal became increasingly complicated with each new proposal.
2. The complicated software interface left many users confused and frustrated.
3. The plot of the mystery novel was so complicated that it kept readers guessing until the very end.
4. The artist's abstract painting was a complex and complicated composition of shapes and colors.
5. The project's timeline had to be adjusted due to unforeseen complications and complicated logistics.
6. The complicated puzzle left me perplexed for hours.
7. Navigating the city's streets can be quite complicated.
8. Her complicated backstory made her a fascinating character.
9. The software's interface is unnecessarily complicated.
10. Deciphering ancient hieroglyphics is a complicated task.
11. Solving the math problem was more complicated than expected.
12. The complicated negotiations led to a lengthy debate.
13. The complicated recipe required a skilled chef's touch.
14. Understanding quantum physics is incredibly complicated.
15. The relationship's dynamics are getting more complicated.
16. The legal document was filled with complicated jargon.
17. Their complicated love story spanned several decades.
18. The complicated plot of the movie kept me guessing.
19. Managing a large team can be quite complicated.
20. The complicated machinery needed constant maintenance.
21. The complicated process required careful attention.
22. His complicated emotions were difficult to unravel.
23. Learning a new language can be very complicated.
24. The complicated case baffled even the best detectives.
25. Fixing the complicated plumbing issue took all day.

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