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Examples of 'concerted' in a Sentence

1. The choir's voices created a harmonious and concerted sound.
2. The committee's concerted planning ensured a flawless event.
3. The class's concerted study efforts boosted their grades.
4. The community's concerted cleanup revitalized the park.
5. The team's concerted practice paid off with a championship.
6. Concerted fundraising efforts helped a charitable cause.
7. The company's concerted marketing strategy boosted sales.
8. The group's concerted resolve led to policy changes.
9. Concerted research efforts advanced scientific knowledge.
10. The students' concerted activism sparked social change.
11. The neighbors made concerted efforts to improve safety.
12. Concerted creativity resulted in a stunning art exhibit.
13. The athletes' concerted training led to record-breaking times.
14. Concerted innovation propelled the company to success.
15. The band's concert was the result of a concerted planning effort.
16. The company's success was due to the concerted actions of its employees.
17. The government made a concerted attempt to reduce crime rates in the city.
18. The charity's fundraising campaign was a concerted effort by its supporters.
19. The students made a concerted push to improve their grades.
20. The employees made a concerted decision to unionize for better benefits.
21. The family made a concerted effort to spend more time together.
22. The environmental group launched a concerted campaign to protect endangered species.
23. The sports team's success was the result of a concerted team effort.
24. The community made a concerted effort to rebuild after the natural disaster.
25. The company's new product launch was the result of a concerted marketing strategy.

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