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Examples of 'constrict' in a Sentence

1. Muscles constrict when they contract.
2. Trees can constrict the growth of plants under them by blocking sunlight.
3. We must not constrict the freedom of speech.
4. I don't want to constrict your creativity, so feel free to explore different ideas.
5. They constrict the supply to increase demand.
6. Tight collars can constrict blood flow to the brain.
7. The new regulations constrict the company’s ability to trade overseas.
8. Too much caffeine can constrict your blood vessels.
9. If you constrict the space too much, it will become claustrophobic.
10. The bandage needs to be tight enough to constrict the wound but not too tight to cut off circulation.
11. The magician used a rope to constrict the box and then made it vanish.
12. The roots of the old oak tree constrict the flow of water in the pipes.
13. The elastic band helps to constrict the rolled-up map so it doesn’t unravel.
14. The regulation constricted the use of pesticides in the agricultural industry.

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