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Examples of 'craven' in a Sentence


1. The craven politician refused to take a stand on controversial issues.
2. Her craven attitude made her the target of ridicule among her peers.
3. The craven act of cheating on the exam cost him his integrity.
4. The craven decision to comply with the bully's demands only emboldened him.
5. The craven prince refused to lead his army into battle, leaving his kingdom vulnerable.
6. His craven response to the crisis, characterized by trembling and fleeing, shocked everyone present.
7. She displayed craven behavior during the heated confrontation, avoiding conflict at all costs.
8. The craven soldier, overwhelmed by fear, shamefully fled the battlefield, leaving his comrades behind.
9. His craven reluctance to speak up and voice his concerns hindered the team's ability to address critical issues.
10. The team's craven strategy of playing defensively led to their ultimate defeat in the championship match.
11. Craven leaders who shy away from making tough decisions rarely inspire confidence among their teams.
12. In the face of adversity, she proved not to be craven, standing firm and determined in challenging times.
13. The craven act of bullying others is utterly unacceptable and reflects a lack of empathy.
14. Craven decisions made by the management ultimately led to the failure of the ambitious project.
15. The craven response of avoiding the threat rather than confronting it head-on disappointed us all.
16. Craven individuals often avoid taking risks, which can limit their personal and professional growth.
17. Her craven attitude, marked by a constant fear of failure, held her back from pursuing her dreams.
18. The craven retreat of the troops, demoralized and defeated, marked a dark chapter in the battle's history.
19. Making craven excuses instead of taking responsibility won't solve the underlying problem.
20. His craven surrender to pressure and temptation surprised no one who knew his character.
21. Craven behavior, such as undermining colleagues and refusing to cooperate, can seriously damage teamwork.
22. Craven leaders, who lack the moral courage to make difficult ethical decisions, often fail to earn respect.
23. Craven acts of betrayal, such as sharing confidential information, can hurt deeply and erode trust.
24. The craven act of lying to cover up one's mistakes severely tarnished his reputation and credibility.
25. In the face of danger, craven instincts often take over, leading individuals to prioritize self-preservation over others' welfare.

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