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Examples of 'detached' in a Sentence

1. The detached observer noted the subtle nuances of the artwork, appreciating its intricacy.
2. The CEO's detached leadership style sometimes left employees feeling disconnected and undervalued.
3. The author's detached writing style added an air of mystery to the story.
4. The photographer captured moments of joy and sadness with a detached yet empathetic eye.
5. Her detached response to the news surprised her friends, who expected a more emotional reaction.She appeared detached, lost in her own thoughts.
6. His detached demeanor masked his inner turmoil.
7. The therapist maintained a calm and detached demeanor.
8. In times of crisis, staying detached can be beneficial.
9. Her detached analysis of the situation surprised others.
10. The detective approached the case with a detached mindset.
11. The soldier remained detached despite the chaos around him.
12. His detached response puzzled those seeking empathy.
13. Detached observers noted the flaws in the plan.
14. Remaining detached can help make rational decisions.
15. The professor's lectures were often seen as detached.
16. Her detached attitude made it hard to connect with her.
17. In negotiations, a detached approach can lead to success.
18. Detached from politics, he focused on personal growth.
19. A detached perspective can reveal hidden solutions.
20. Her detached appraisal of the art was objective.
21. Being detached allowed him to handle criticism gracefully.
22. Detached analysis can lead to innovative problem-solving.
23. In court, the judge remained impartial and detached.
24. Detached from the drama, she observed with clarity.

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