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Examples of 'discover' in a Sentence

1. The artist was known for her ability to discover beauty in the simplest things.
2. He was amazed to discover that his long-lost friend was living in the same city.
3. The explorer ventured into the jungle to discover new plant species.
4. She was overjoyed to discover a love letter from her late grandmother.
5. The researcher's groundbreaking study helped to discover a new treatment for the disease.
6. They were surprised to discover a hidden compartment in the antique chest.
7. The astronomer used advanced telescopes to discover distant galaxies.
8. The writer's trip to the small town allowed her to discover fascinating local customs.
9. The chef experimented with different ingredients to discover unique flavor combinations.
10. The hiker was thrilled to discover a breathtaking waterfall during her hike.
11. The historian's research helped to discover new insights into ancient civilizations.
12. They were excited to discover a rare species of butterfly in their backyard.
13. The team of scientists worked collaboratively to discover a breakthrough in renewable energy.
14. The musician's talent for playing the piano helped her discover her true passion.


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