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Examples of 'dispensation' in a Sentence

1. The dispensation of resources should be equitable among all team members.
2. The legal team sought a dispensation to access confidential documents.
3. The dispensation of funds to the project was approved by the board.
4. A special dispensation was granted to the students affected by the technical glitch.
5. The university allowed him a dispensation for a late withdrawal from the course.
6. The dispensation of benefits to eligible employees is overseen by HR.
7. The charity received a dispensation to collect donations on private property.
8. The dispensation of food and water to the refugees was carefully coordinated.
9. The dispensation of responsibilities among team members was well-balanced.
10. The dispensation of information to the public was handled through press releases.
11. The government provided a dispensation to the affected regions during the natural disaster.
12. The dispensation of permits for the event was managed by the local authorities.
13. She received a dispensation for a reduced work schedule due to health reasons.
14. The dispensation of awards and honors recognized outstanding achievements.

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