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How to pronounce aberration (audio)

Dictionary definition of aberration

A deviation or departure from what is considered normal, expected, or typical.
"The sudden outburst of anger was an aberration from her usual calm demeanor."

Detailed meaning of aberration

It implies a divergence from the usual or desired course, pattern, or behavior. Aberration can refer to a flaw, error, or anomaly that deviates from a standard or accepted norm. It is often associated with a departure from logical reasoning, rationality, or moral conduct. In various fields such as optics, astronomy, and psychology, aberration denotes a distortion or departure from the ideal or expected state. It can refer to a phenomenon that causes a deviation in the appearance, behavior, or perception of an object, image, or individual. Aberration can also be used metaphorically to describe an unconventional or eccentric quality or characteristic. It highlights instances where something or someone stands out as different, irregular, or deviant within a particular context or framework.

Example sentences of aberration

1. The sudden change in behavior was seen as an aberration from his usual calm demeanor.
2. The scientist discovered an aberration in the data that required further investigation.
3. Her outburst at the meeting was considered an aberration from her typically composed nature.
4. The misaligned picture on the wall was an aberration in the otherwise perfectly decorated room.
5. The politician's controversial statement was viewed as an aberration from his party's usual stance.
6. The strange occurrence was dismissed as an aberration and not indicative of a larger problem.

History and etymology of aberration

The noun 'aberration' has its etymological origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'aberratio.' This Latin term is derived from the verb 'aberrare,' where 'ab' means 'away from,' and 'errare' means 'to wander' or 'to go astray.' Therefore, 'aberratio' originally denoted the act of wandering away from a path or straying off course. Over time, this concept of deviation from a expected or prescribed path evolved into the broader meaning of a departure from what is considered normal, expected, or typical. In modern usage, 'aberration' signifies a deviation from the norm, whether in behavior, thought, or circumstance. The etymology of 'aberration' thus highlights its connection to the idea of going astray or deviating from a standard or expected course, underscoring its connotation of something unusual or atypical.

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Further usage examples of aberration

1. The student's poor performance on the test was an aberration compared to their consistent high scores.
2. The glitch in the software was an aberration that caused the system to crash.
3. The unusually warm weather in the middle of winter was considered an aberration from the normal climate patterns.
4. The strange noise coming from the engine was identified as an aberration that required immediate attention.
5. The sudden decrease in sales was seen as an aberration in an otherwise successful quarter.
6. The mutation in the gene was regarded as an aberration in the DNA sequence.
7. The artist's unconventional style was viewed as an aberration by some critics but praised by others.
8. The erratic behavior of the wildlife was attributed to an aberration in their natural habitat.
9. The distorted reflection in the mirror was an aberration caused by its imperfect surface.
10. The sudden appearance of the rare bird species in the region was considered an aberration.
11. The aberration in the experiment's results led the researchers to question their methodology.
12. The mispronunciation of the word was regarded as an aberration in her otherwise flawless speech.
13. The team's poor performance in the game was an aberration compared to their previous victories.
14. The unusual coloration of the flower was identified as an aberration in its genetic makeup.



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