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How to pronounce accrue (audio)

Dictionary definition of accrue

To gradually accumulate or increase something over time, typically in terms of financial benefits, interest, or other assets.
"Late fees will accrue if you don't pay your credit card bill on time."

Detailed meaning of accrue

It signifies the process of something growing or building up over a period, whether it's wealth, earnings, benefits, or even responsibilities. For example, interest accrues on a savings account over time, meaning that the account balance increases as interest is added periodically. Similarly, an employee might accrue vacation days, signifying that they accumulate these days gradually as time passes. "Accrue" can also apply to non-financial contexts, such as the accrual of knowledge or experience through continuous learning or the accrual of goodwill in a relationship or community through ongoing positive interactions. In essence, it involves the steady, often incremental, growth or accumulation of something.

Example sentences of accrue

1. As time passes, interest will accrue on your long-term investments.
2. Over the years, knowledge and experience will accrue in your chosen field.
3. Rewards gradually accrue with consistent loyalty to the program.
4. If left unpaid, late fees will accrue on your credit card balance.
5. Effort and dedication can help opportunities accrue in your career.
6. Property values tend to accrue steadily in desirable neighborhoods.

History and etymology of accrue

The verb 'accrue' has its roots in the Latin word 'accrescere,' which means 'to grow' or 'to increase.' It entered the English language in the late Middle Ages, evolving from the Old French term 'acreu,' which meant 'increased' or 'grown.' 'Accrue' is used to describe the gradual accumulation or increase of something over time, often in terms of financial benefits, interest, or other assets. The etymology of 'accrue' effectively conveys the notion of growth and accumulation, emphasizing the incremental nature of the process. Whether discussing the growth of savings in a bank account, the accrual of interest on an investment, or the accumulation of knowledge, 'accrue' denotes a steady, additive buildup over a period.

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Further usage examples of accrue

1. With responsible spending, airline miles can accrue for future trips.
2. Reputations, whether good or bad, can accrue quickly in the digital age.
3. Overdue invoices can accrue, affecting your cash flow.
4. When used wisely, positive relationships can accrue throughout life.
5. In an evolving industry, new challenges can accrue unexpectedly.
6. Health benefits often accrue with regular exercise and a balanced diet.
7. Over time, trust and respect may accrue in a team environment.
8. Savings accounts offer the opportunity for interest to accrue over time.
9. When managed correctly, profits can accrue from investments.
10. Debt can accrue quickly if spending is not monitored carefully.
11. Errors can accrue in complex projects without proper oversight.
12. Skill and proficiency tend to accrue with dedicated practice.
13. Employee benefits may accrue after a certain tenure with the company.
14. Rewards will accrue for customers who remain loyal to the brand.
15. Challenges and obstacles may accrue on the path to success.
16. In a competitive market, advantages can accrue to innovative companies.
17. With patience, understanding can accrue in relationships.
18. Financial penalties can accrue for missed deadlines on contracts.
19. Patents and intellectual property can accrue significant value over time.


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