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How to pronounce ad-hoc (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'ad-hoc'

Created or organized for a specific purpose or situation as it arises, without prior planning or a permanent structure.
"He came up with an ad hoc solution to fix the problem."

Detailed Meaning of 'ad-hoc'

An 'ad-hoc' entity, arrangement, or committee is typically formed in response to an immediate need or a particular set of circumstances, and it is often temporary and flexible in nature. For example, an ad-hoc committee may be established to address a specific issue within an organization, and once that issue is resolved, the committee dissolves. The term 'ad-hoc' implies a pragmatic and on-the-fly approach to problem-solving or decision-making, focusing on meeting the immediate needs without a long-term or predetermined strategy. It underscores adaptability and responsiveness in the face of ever-changing challenges or requirements.

History and Etymology of 'ad-hoc'

The adjective 'ad-hoc' has a Latin origin, where 'ad' means 'to' or 'for' and 'hoc' means 'this.' In essence, 'ad-hoc' etymologically conveys the idea of something that is designed or arranged 'for this.' It is used to describe things that are created or organized for a specific purpose or situation as it arises, without prior planning or a permanent structure. 'Ad-hoc' solutions or arrangements are typically crafted in response to an immediate need or circumstance, emphasizing their temporary and often improvisational nature. The term underscores the idea of addressing a particular issue or situation without the formality or structure of long-term planning, making it a flexible and adaptable approach to problem-solving.

Examples of 'ad-hoc' in a Sentence

1. He had to make an ad hoc repair to keep the equipment running.
2. She had to come up with an ad hoc plan to finish the project on time.
3. The team had to make ad hoc changes to the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.
4. He had to make an ad hoc adjustment to his budget.
5. She had to come up with an ad hoc solution to the unexpected problem.
6. In the face of the unexpected crisis, they held an ad-hoc meeting to swiftly formulate a response plan.
7. An ad-hoc committee, composed of experts from various departments, was hastily assembled to address the urgent project.
8. The solution, though effective in the short term, was ad-hoc and lacked a long-term strategy.
9. Ad-hoc teams, trained to respond to emergencies, were dispatched to the disaster-stricken areas.
10. She suggested an ad-hoc approach, emphasizing the need to adapt to changing circumstances on the fly.
11. The ad-hoc decision, reached during the crisis, proved to be a pragmatic and timely solution.
12. Ad-hoc measures, including the evacuation of residents, were taken to contain the rapidly spreading wildfire.
13. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they created an ad-hoc task force dedicated to finding a solution.
14. Ad-hoc changes, such as modifying the schedule, were made to accommodate the unforeseen delay.
15. The ad-hoc group, comprising volunteers and professionals, worked tirelessly to tackle the pressing problem.
16. Ad-hoc solutions, while necessary at the time, highlighted the need for a more comprehensive disaster response plan.
17. An ad-hoc arrangement, based on mutual cooperation, was agreed upon to share resources during the crisis.
18. Ad-hoc decisions, made on-site by the incident commander, were essential for coordinating the emergency response.
19. The ad-hoc response from local authorities was swift, minimizing the damage caused by the natural disaster.
20. Ad-hoc adjustments, such as reallocating resources, were implemented to adapt to the changing situation.
21. They adopted an ad-hoc strategy, tailoring their approach to the unique challenges of the mission.
22. Ad-hoc solutions, often improvisational in nature, reflect the flexibility required in rapidly evolving situations.
23. The ad-hoc setup, assembled quickly from available materials, served as a makeshift shelter for displaced residents.
24. An ad-hoc team, drawn from various departments, handled the situation with professionalism and expertise.
25. They formed an ad-hoc partnership to address the immediate needs of the community during the crisis, pledging their collective resources and expertise.





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