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sufficient, inadequate, insufficient, lacking



How to pronounce adequate (audio)

Dictionary definition of adequate

Sufficient, suitable or enough to meet a particular need or purpose.
"The accommodation was adequate, but not luxurious."

Detailed meaning of adequate

It implies that a certain level of quality or quantity has been reached, which is considered to be acceptable or satisfactory. For example, if someone says that a meal was adequate, it means that it provided enough food and was of a satisfactory level of taste or nutrition. In terms of performance or ability, something is adequate if it meets the minimum requirements for the task at hand. The opposite of adequate would be inadequate, which means not suitable, insufficient or not of a required standard.

Example sentences of adequate

1. She felt confident that her preparation was adequate for the exam.
2. The company provided adequate training to ensure employees were well-prepared for their roles.
3. The hotel room had adequate space to accommodate a family of four.
4. The student's performance was deemed adequate, but there was room for improvement.
5. The organization had implemented adequate safety measures to protect its employees.
6. The project manager ensured that the resources allocated were adequate for the task at hand.

History and etymology of adequate

The adjective 'adequate' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'adecuatus,' which is formed from 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'aecuus,' meaning 'equal' or 'level.' Originally, 'adecuatus' conveyed the concept of being on an equal level or being suitable for a particular purpose. As it transitioned into English, it became 'adequate,' describing something that is sufficient, suitable, or enough to meet a particular need or purpose. Its etymology underscores the idea that something is on par with what is required, highlighting its capability to fulfill specific standards or requirements adequately.

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Further usage examples of adequate

1. The customer service representative provided an adequate solution to the customer's complaint.
2. The car's fuel efficiency was considered adequate for long-distance travel.
3. The team completed the project with adequate time to spare.
4. The house had adequate insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature.
5. The restaurant's menu offered a variety of options, ensuring there was something adequate for everyone's taste.
6. The patient's vital signs were stable, indicating an adequate level of health.
7. The athlete's performance was adequate, but she aimed to surpass her personal best.
8. The hotel provided an adequate breakfast buffet for its guests.
9. The teacher provided an adequate explanation of the complex concept, ensuring students understood.
10. The financial planner ensured that the retirement savings were adequate to meet the client's needs.
11. The company's budget was deemed adequate to support the planned marketing campaign.
12. The apartment had adequate storage space for all of the tenant's belongings.
13. The municipality provided adequate public transportation options for its residents.
14. The guidelines set forth by the organization were deemed adequate for maintaining safety standards.


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