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How to pronounce adherence (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'adherence'

The act of following or sticking to a set of rules, guidelines, principles, or beliefs.
"The patient's rapid recovery was a testament to his strict adherence to the prescribed treatment plan."

Detailed meaning of 'adherence'

It represents a commitment to remain faithful and consistent in the observance or application of a particular standard or code of conduct. Adherence often implies a sense of loyalty, discipline, and dedication to the prescribed course of action or the expected behaviors. It involves steadfastness and compliance, demonstrating a willingness to adhere to established protocols or agreements. Adherence is commonly associated with areas such as professional ethics, religious practices, legal obligations, organizational policies, or personal commitments. It plays a crucial role in maintaining order, fostering trust, and upholding standards of conduct within various contexts, whether it be in professional settings, communities, or personal relationships.

History and etymology of 'adherence'

The noun 'adherence' shares its etymological roots with the verb 'adhere.' It comes from the Latin word 'adhaerentia,' which is derived from 'adhaerere.' 'Adhaerere' combines 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'haerere,' meaning 'to stick' or 'to cling.' Initially, 'adhaerentia' referred to the physical act of things sticking or clinging together. Over time, it evolved to describe the abstract concept of following or sticking to a set of rules, guidelines, principles, or beliefs. In contemporary usage, 'adherence' denotes the act of faithfully and consistently following or abiding by a particular system of thought or code of conduct. Its etymology underscores the idea of a steadfast commitment and attachment to a set of ideals or practices.

Example sentences containing 'adherence'

1. The patient's adherence to a healthy diet and exercise routine improved their overall well-being.
2. The employee handbook outlined the expectations and requirements for adherence to professional conduct.
3. The success of the project relied on everyone's adherence to the established timeline.
4. The religious group emphasized strict adherence to their faith's principles and teachings.
5. The coach stressed the importance of adherence to teamwork and cooperation on the field.
6. The patient's adherence to regular medical check-ups helped manage their chronic condition effectively.
7. The company's strict adherence to quality control standards ensured consistent product excellence.
8. The organization's adherence to environmental regulations demonstrated their commitment to sustainability.
9. The student's adherence to academic integrity prevented them from engaging in plagiarism.
10. The adherence to proper hygiene practices is crucial in preventing the spread of diseases.
11. The success of the clinical trial depended on participants' adherence to the assigned treatment plan.
12. The company's adherence to fair labor practices garnered positive reputation and employee satisfaction.
13. The government's adherence to constitutional principles protected citizens' rights and freedoms.
14. The military emphasized strict adherence to discipline and obedience among its personnel.



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