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How to pronounce adulterate (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'adulterate'

To make something impure or inferior by adding or mixing it with something else, often in a deceptive or fraudulent way.
"The bartender was caught trying to adulterate the premium liquor with a cheaper brand."

Detailed meaning of 'adulterate'

This can apply to a wide range of substances, such as food, drinks, medications, or materials used in manufacturing. Adulteration is typically done with the intention of reducing costs, increasing profits, or enhancing the appearance or texture of a product. However, it can also have serious health consequences for consumers, especially if the added substance is toxic or harmful. In many countries, there are laws and regulations in place to prevent or punish the adulteration of goods, as it is considered a form of fraud and can undermine public trust in the safety and quality of products.

History and etymology of 'adulterate'

The verb 'adulterate' has an etymology that traces its origins to Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'adulterare,' which means 'to corrupt' or 'to falsify.' In Latin, 'adulterare' was used to describe the act of making something impure or inferior by mixing it with other substances, often in a deceptive or fraudulent manner. Over time, as Latin evolved into English, 'adulterate' was adopted to describe similar actions of making something impure or of lower quality by adding or mixing foreign or undesirable elements. The etymology of 'adulterate' highlights its historical association with deceitful practices aimed at compromising the purity or integrity of a substance, product, or concept.

Example sentences containing 'adulterate'

1. Consumers should be wary of food products that may be adulterated.
2. Adulterating historical records can distort our understanding of the past.
3. Criminals often adulterate counterfeit currency to avoid detection.
4. Regulatory agencies work to prevent the adulteration of cosmetics.
5. The lab tests confirmed the presence of adulterated ingredients.
6. The goal is to ensure the purity of essential oils and prevent adulteration.
7. Adulterating evidence can lead to serious legal consequences.
8. Manufacturers must adhere to strict standards to avoid adulterating their products.
9. Adulterating fuel can damage engines and harm the environment.
10. The practice of adulterating wine dates back to ancient times.
11. Adulteration in the food industry is a breach of trust.
12. Adulterated liquor can have serious health implications.
13. The company's reputation suffered due to product adulteration.
14. Authorities cracked down on vendors adulterating honey with sugar syrup.
15. Adulterating prescription drugs is a grave offense.
16. It's crucial to test for adulterated substances in forensic analysis.
17. Adulterating scientific data undermines the integrity of research.
18. Adulterating documents can lead to legal repercussions.
19. The mission is to detect and prevent the adulteration of organic foods.



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