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pigment-deficient, pigmented, colored, tanned



How to pronounce albino (audio)

Dictionary definition of albino

A person or animal who lacks pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes due to a genetic mutation.
"The albino alligator was a rare sight in the wild."

Detailed meaning of albino

Albinism is a rare condition that affects people and animals of all races and species, but it is most commonly seen in mammals. People with albinism have little to no melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes, which can result in a range of visual impairments and increased sensitivity to light. Albino animals may also have white or pale-colored fur, eyes, and skin. Despite their unique appearance, albinos are no different from other individuals in terms of their physical abilities and intellectual capabilities. However, they may face social and cultural stigmatization due to their distinct appearance.

Example sentences of albino

1. The albino rabbit was easily spotted among its brown siblings.
2. A rare albino whale was sighted off the coast yesterday.
3. The albino child faced some challenges at school because of his unique appearance.
4. The village considered the albino buffalo to be a sacred animal.
5. The albino squirrel was the star attraction at the local wildlife park.
6. Genetic mutation is the cause of the albino characteristic in animals and humans.

History and etymology of albino

The noun 'albino' has its etymological origins in the Spanish and Portuguese languages. It is derived from the Spanish word 'albino' and the Portuguese word 'albino,' both of which are believed to be related to the Latin term 'albus,' meaning 'white.' An 'albino' is a person or animal who lacks pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes due to a genetic mutation that inhibits the production of melanin. This absence of melanin results in a pale or white appearance, making 'albinos' distinct from individuals with typical pigmentation. The term 'albino' is used to describe this genetic condition, emphasizing the striking whiteness or pallor that characterizes those affected by it.

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Further usage examples of albino

1. The albino snake slithered silently through the grass.
2. The albino tiger was one of the most popular attractions at the zoo.
3. Due to their lack of pigmentation, albino individuals have a higher risk of skin cancer.
4. The albino girl's eyes were an enchanting shade of pale blue.
5. The albino peacock displayed its stunning white feathers.
6. The albino man had lived his entire life in the small village.
7. The albino deer was considered to be a good omen by the local community.
8. The albino child was given a pair of sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes.
9. The albino rat scurried through the maze in the laboratory.
10. The albino kangaroo hopped across the plain with its joey.
11. The albino seal pup was separated from its mother in the storm.
12. The albino bat fluttered silently in the dark cave.
13. The albino plants were much weaker than their green counterparts.
14. The albino puppy was the last one to be adopted from the shelter.


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