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How to pronounce allusive (audio)

Dictionary definition of allusive

Containing indirect references, hints, or suggestions to a particular idea, concept, person, or event.
"The poet's use of allusive imagery created a rich tapestry of meaning."

Detailed meaning of allusive

Something that is allusive is characterized by being indirect or suggestive, rather than being stated outright. An allusive remark, for example, might suggest a deeper meaning without explicitly stating it. An allusive piece of writing or artwork might incorporate symbols or themes that evoke a particular idea or feeling without directly addressing it. The use of allusion can add depth and nuance to a work of art or writing, allowing the author or artist to express complex ideas through subtle reference. However, it can also make a work more difficult to understand for those who are unfamiliar with the references being made. In general, allusive language or art is intended to be interpreted by the reader or viewer, encouraging them to connect the dots and understand the underlying message being conveyed.

Example sentences of allusive

1. Her allusive remarks left us pondering their meaning.
2. The poem's allusive language invites interpretation.
3. The allusive painting hinted at hidden emotions.
4. His allusive storytelling fascinated the audience.
5. The novelist's work is known for its allusive style.
6. The politician's speech was filled with allusive references.

History and etymology of allusive

The adjective 'allusive' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'allusus,' which is the past participle of 'alludere.' 'Alludere' combines 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'ludere,' meaning 'to play' or 'to mock.' In its original sense, 'allusive' described something that playfully or mockingly referred to or hinted at a particular idea or concept. Over time, the word evolved to signify containing indirect references, hints, or suggestions to a specific idea, concept, person, or event. This etymology reflects the historical connection between playfully suggesting or referring to something and the contemporary meaning of 'allusive' as a way to convey indirect references or hints in language and expression.

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Further usage examples of allusive

1. The movie's allusive dialogue added depth to the plot.
2. The song's lyrics were highly allusive to past love.
3. His allusive humor often left people guessing.
4. The allusive imagery in the play sparked discussion.
5. The artist's allusive brushstrokes conveyed complex emotions.
6. The book's allusive narrative engaged readers' curiosity.
7. The poet's allusive verses revealed layers of meaning.
8. The professor's lecture was rich with allusive examples.
9. The film director's allusive visuals enhanced the story.
10. The allusive nature of the riddle challenged us to solve it.
11. His allusive writing style drew readers into the narrative.
12. The speech contained allusive references to historical events.
13. The novel's allusive subtext added depth to the characters.
14. Her allusive storytelling captivated the audience's imagination.
15. Her speech was allusive, leaving many listeners confused.
16. The writer's use of allusive language added depth to the story.
17. The painting contained allusive references to the artist's personal life.
18. His jokes were allusive, requiring a certain level of cultural knowledge to understand.
19. The film's allusive soundtrack provided subtle clues about the characters' emotions.
20. Her allusive comments hinted at a hidden agenda.
21. The allusive nature of the conversation made it difficult to discern the truth.
22. The historian's book was filled with allusive references to historical events.
23. The artist's work was allusive, inviting viewers to interpret it in their own way.
24. The playwright's allusive language challenged the audience to think critically.
25. The philosopher's allusive writing style made his ideas difficult to grasp.


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