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How to pronounce ambience (audio)

Dictionary definition of ambience

The atmosphere or mood of a particular environment or setting.
"The soft lighting and calming music created a relaxing ambience in the spa."

Detailed meaning of ambience

It is often used to describe the sensory characteristics of a space, such as the lighting, temperature, sound, and smells, as well as the emotions or feelings that the space evokes. Ambience can vary widely depending on the context, and can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as the purpose of the space, the cultural norms of the people who use it, or the aesthetic preferences of the designer or creator. The term can be used to describe a wide range of spaces, from natural environments like forests or beaches, to urban settings like restaurants, hotels, or shops. The term can also be used to describe the overall mood or tone of a piece of art, music, or literature. In general, the noun ambience implies a sense of the overall atmosphere or mood of a particular space or setting, and can be influenced by a variety of factors, both tangible and intangible.

Example sentences of ambience

1. The ambience of the restaurant was cozy and romantic.
2. The dim lighting added to the ambience of the jazz club.
3. The garden's ambience was peaceful and serene.
4. The party's ambience was lively and festive.
5. The candlelight created a romantic ambience in the room.
6. The beach had a tranquil ambience at sunset.

History and etymology of ambience

The noun 'ambience' is closely related to 'ambiance' and shares a similar etymological origin. It also derives from the French word 'ambiance,' which, in turn, comes from the verb 'ambier,' meaning 'to go around' or 'to encircle.' Just like 'ambiance,' 'ambience' was initially used in the context of music to describe the surrounding or enveloping quality of sound. Over time, it expanded in usage to encompass the broader idea of the atmosphere or mood of a particular environment or setting. In this sense, 'ambience' underscores the notion of something that surrounds or envelops a place, shaping its overall character or feeling, and this is rooted in its etymological heritage from the French language.

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Further usage examples of ambience

1. The spa's ambience promoted relaxation and rejuvenation.
2. The forest's ambience was filled with the sounds of nature.
3. The historic mansion had an old-world ambience.
4. The cafe's ambience was perfect for a quiet conversation.
5. The nightclub's ambience pulsed with music and energy.
6. The library's ambience was conducive to studying.
7. The hotel's ambience exuded luxury and sophistication.
8. The mountain lodge had a cozy, rustic ambience.
9. The carnival's ambience was filled with excitement.
10. The art gallery's ambience showcased elegance.
11. The park's ambience was enhanced by colorful flowers.
12. The movie theater's ambience created an immersive experience.
13. The office's ambience was bustling and productive.
14. The countryside had a tranquil and peaceful ambience.
15. The lively chatter and clinking glasses added to the festive ambience of the party.
16. The dimly lit street and abandoned buildings gave the area a spooky ambience.
17. The sound of waves crashing and seagulls cawing added to the peaceful ambience of the beach.
18. The vibrant colors and patterns of the decorations added to the lively ambience of the room.
19. The smell of freshly baked bread and coffee contributed to the cozy ambience of the cafe.
20. The use of natural materials and earthy tones created a warm and inviting ambience in the home.
21. The flickering candlelight and rustic decor set the romantic ambience of the restaurant.
22. The low hum of conversation and the clacking of heels contributed to the sophisticated ambience of the hotel lobby.
23. The use of bright colors and neon lights created a lively and energetic ambience in the nightclub.
24. The quiet rustling of leaves and chirping of birds created a tranquil ambience in the park.
25. The background music and lighting were carefully selected to create the perfect ambience for the art exhibit.



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