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How to pronounce vintage (audio)


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Dictionary definition of vintage

Of high quality and typically associated with a particular period of the past, often considered as representing the best of its kind.
"She wore a stunning vintage dress to the retro-themed party."


Detailed meaning of vintage

It is commonly applied to items like clothing, furniture, cars, wines, or other collectibles that possess a nostalgic or classic charm. Vintage items are often valued not only for their enduring quality but also for their historical or aesthetic significance. This term can also be used metaphorically to describe qualities or characteristics that are reminiscent of a past era, adding a sense of timeless appeal and style to contemporary contexts. In essence, 'vintage' conveys a sense of enduring excellence and a connection to the elegance of bygone times.

Example sentences containing vintage

1. The antique store had a collection of vintage furniture from the 1950s.
2. His vintage vinyl records were a prized possession in his music collection.
3. The classic car show featured a lineup of beautifully restored vintage automobiles.
4. The vintage watch he inherited from his grandfather was a family heirloom.
5. The restaurant's vintage decor transported diners back to the 1920s.
6. I found a vintage camera at the flea market that still worked perfectly.

History and etymology of vintage

The adjective 'vintage' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'vendage,' which means 'the grape harvest' or 'wine from a particular harvest.' This Old French term, in turn, comes from the Latin 'vindemia,' which combines 'vinum' (wine) and 'demere' (to take off). Originally, 'vintage' referred specifically to wine produced from a particular grape harvest and the year it was made. Over time, it broadened in meaning to describe items or products, especially those associated with a particular period of the past, that are considered of high quality and representative of the best of their kind. When we describe something as 'vintage' today, we are invoking its historical connection to wine production and the idea of something being the finest example from a specific era or time period.

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Further usage examples of vintage

1. The wine connoisseur appreciated the vintage bottle of Bordeaux.
2. The old photographs gave a glimpse into the vintage fashion of the era.
3. The singer's vintage microphone added a touch of nostalgia to the performance.
4. Her vintage jewelry collection included pieces from various time periods.
5. The vintage postcards showcased picturesque scenes from around the world.
6. The bookstore had a corner dedicated to vintage novels and first editions.
7. The vintage movie posters on the wall created a cinematic atmosphere.
8. He had a vintage record player that he used to listen to his vinyl collection.
9. The vintage china set was a cherished family heirloom passed down through generations.
10. The boutique offered a selection of vintage-inspired clothing.
11. The coffee shop had a cozy vintage vibe with antique sofas and dim lighting.
12. She found a vintage map that traced the historical routes of explorers.
13. The vintage wine cellar housed rare bottles from decades past.
14. She inherited a vintage watch from her grandmother, a timeless treasure.
15. The vintage wine they shared was from a rare and exceptional year.
16. The boutique featured a collection of vintage clothing from the 1950s.
17. His vintage guitar produced a rich, classic sound on stage.
18. The vintage car gleamed with its polished chrome and timeless design.
19. Their vintage-inspired wedding had an old-world charm and elegance.
20. The antique shop displayed a range of vintage furniture and decor.
21. A vintage camera captured the essence of a moment in time.
22. The vintage book collection included first editions of classic novels.
23. The vinyl record had a warm, vintage sound that audiophiles cherished.
24. Vintage photographs documented the history and evolution of the town.



classic, modern, current, futuristic


Suffix -age, Excellence and Virtue, Appropriate and Suitable, Literary and Artistic Elements, Imagination and Ingenuity, Duration and Transience, History and Nostalgia

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