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accountable, unaccountable, irresponsible, unanswerable



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Dictionary definition of answerable

Being accountable or responsible for one's actions, decisions, or conduct.
"The CEO is answerable to the board of directors for the company's performance."

Detailed meaning of answerable

In this sense, it implies that someone is expected to provide explanations or justifications for their behavior or the outcomes of their actions. Secondly, "answerable" can denote the capacity or willingness to respond to questions, requests, or inquiries. It suggests that a person is capable of providing suitable responses or solutions to queries or issues raised. Lastly, it can also refer to the suitability or compatibility of an idea, proposal, or solution to a particular problem or situation. In this sense, something is considered "answerable" when it addresses the concerns or requirements of a given circumstance. Overall, "answerable" encompasses the notions of accountability, responsiveness, and suitability in various contexts.

Example sentences of answerable

1. As a manager, you are answerable for your team's performance.
2. Leaders must be answerable to both their superiors and subordinates.
3. Being in a position of authority makes you answerable for the outcomes.
4. Public officials are answerable to the citizens they serve.
5. In a democracy, elected representatives are answerable to the voters.
6. CEOs should be answerable for the company's financial health.

History and etymology of answerable

The adjective 'answerable' has its etymological roots in the Middle English word 'answeral,' which is derived from the Old English 'andswarigende.' This Old English term is a combination of 'and-' (meaning 'against') and 'swarigende' (meaning 'answering'). Therefore, 'answerable' etymologically conveys the idea of being capable of responding or giving an answer, particularly in a sense of being accountable or responsible for one's actions, decisions, or conduct. The word emphasizes the notion of providing a response or justification for one's behavior, signifying that an individual can be held to account for their actions or choices.

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Further usage examples of answerable

1. Teachers are answerable for their students' progress.
2. It's essential to hold individuals answerable for ethical violations.
3. Parents are answerable for their children's upbringing.
4. The board of directors is answerable for corporate governance.
5. Judges must be answerable for their judicial decisions.
6. Accountability makes individuals answerable for their actions.
7. The media plays a role in holding leaders answerable.
8. An ethical framework holds professionals answerable.
9. Criminals should be answerable for their crimes.
10. Transparency helps make organizations more answerable.
11. Shareholders have a right to hold executives answerable.
12. Being answerable for your choices is a mark of maturity.
13. In a court of law, witnesses are answerable to the truth.
14. Individuals should be answerable for their environmental impact.
15. As a public servant, the politician is answerable to the citizens for their actions.
16. The employee was held answerable for the errors in the financial report.
17. The defendant must appear in court and be answerable for their alleged crimes.
18. The teacher made it clear that students would be answerable for their behavior during the field trip.
19. The company's customer service department is answerable for resolving customer complaints.
20. The project manager is answerable for meeting the project deadlines and delivering the final product.
21. The committee members are answerable for reviewing and approving grant applications.
22. The police officer is answerable to their superiors for their actions while on duty.
23. As a team leader, you are answerable for the team's performance and results.
24. The government official is answerable to the public for their decisions and policies.
25. The CEO emphasized the importance of being answerable to shareholders and ensuring transparency in financial matters.


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