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How to pronounce liable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of liable

Legally or morally responsible or accountable for something.
"The manufacturer is liable for any defects in their products."

Detailed meaning of liable

It suggests the likelihood or probability of an event, action, or consequence occurring, for which one can be held liable. When someone or something is described as liable, it means they are susceptible or prone to a particular outcome or result. It implies a state of being legally answerable or obliged to fulfill obligations, duties, or promises. The term "liable" is often used in legal and contractual contexts to indicate the potential for legal action or consequences due to a breach of duty or violation of terms. Additionally, it can pertain to moral or ethical responsibility, suggesting that a person or entity is expected to act in a certain way and can be held morally accountable for their actions. Overall, the adjective "liable" conveys the notion of being legally or morally responsible or susceptible to specific actions, consequences, or obligations.

Example sentences containing liable

1. If you leave your car unlocked, you are liable for any theft or damage.
2. He is liable for the expenses incurred during the project.
3. The company is liable for providing a safe working environment for its employees.
4. Due to the icy conditions, you are liable to slip and fall if you're not careful.
5. The restaurant is liable for any food-related illnesses caused by improper handling.
6. If you break the rules, you are liable to face disciplinary action.

History and etymology of liable

The adjective 'liable' shares its etymological roots with the noun 'liability.' It comes from the Latin word 'liabilis,' derived from 'liare,' which means 'to bind' or 'to hold.' 'Liable' signifies being legally or morally responsible or accountable for something, emphasizing the idea of being bound or held to a particular duty, obligation, or consequence. Its etymology underscores the concept of accountability and the legal or moral obligations that individuals or entities may bear, reflecting the idea that they can be held responsible for their actions or decisions within the framework of laws or ethical standards.

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Further usage examples of liable

1. She is liable for the damages caused by her negligence.
2. If you fail to pay your bills, you are liable for late fees and penalties.
3. He is liable for the loan he co-signed with his friend.
4. The company is liable for any copyright infringement in their marketing materials.
5. If you make false claims, you are liable for defamation.
6. If you break the rules, you're liable for the consequences.
7. Leaving your car unlocked makes it liable to theft.
8. Negligence can make you liable for damages.
9. She's liable to pay a fine for the overdue library books.
10. Reckless behavior can make you liable in a court of law.
11. He's liable for the company's financial mismanagement.
12. Without proper care, your computer is liable to viruses.
13. Failure to meet deadlines makes you liable for delays.
14. The restaurant is liable for food safety violations.
15. Sharing false information online can make you liable.
16. The manufacturer is liable for the product defects.
17. She's liable to criticism for her controversial statements.
18. The organization is liable for workplace safety.
19. Being intoxicated while driving makes you legally liable.
20. Inappropriate conduct at work is liable for disciplinary action.
21. The company is liable for environmental damage.
22. A lack of maintenance makes the building liable to decay.
23. Ignoring safety precautions can make you liable for accidents.
24. The owner is liable for the dog's behavior.
25. Fraudulent activities can render you legally liable.



accountable, exempt, immune, irresponsible


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