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How to pronounce suitable (audio)

Dictionary definition of suitable

Appropriate, fitting, or well-suited for a particular purpose, circumstance, or individual.
"She found a suitable dress for the formal event."

Detailed meaning of suitable

It signifies compatibility or congruence between an object, person, or action and its intended use or context. When something is described as suitable, it implies that it meets the requirements, standards, or expectations in a satisfactory manner. It suggests a level of compatibility, functionality, or appropriateness that makes it a suitable choice or option. The concept of suitability can apply to various aspects of life, such as clothing, accommodations, qualifications, or behavior. It conveys a sense of harmony or alignment between the qualities, characteristics, or features of something and its intended function or situation. Overall, the adjective "suitable" implies a good fit or alignment, indicating that something is well-matched or suitable for its intended purpose or circumstance.

Example sentences containing suitable

1. The candidate possessed all the suitable qualifications for the job.
2. The hotel provided suitable accommodations for the conference attendees.
3. The teacher selected a suitable textbook for the course material.
4. The weather conditions were suitable for a day at the beach.
5. They chose a suitable location for their wedding ceremony.
6. The restaurant offered a suitable menu for vegetarians.

History and etymology of suitable

The adjective 'suitable' originates from the Middle English word 'sutabel,' which is a combination of 'suit,' meaning 'to befit' or 'to meet the requirements,' and the suffix '-able,' indicating capacity or capability. The term 'suit' itself has Old French and Latin roots, ultimately tracing back to the Latin word 'sequi,' meaning 'to follow.' The etymology of 'suitable' subtly reflects the notion of something being fitting or appropriate for a particular purpose, circumstance, or individual, as if it follows or aligns with the requirements or expectations. Its historical roots allude to the concept of compatibility without explicitly delving into its specific meaning, aligning with its modern-day usage related to appropriateness and fitness.

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Further usage examples of suitable

1. The team came up with a suitable solution to the problem.
2. The apartment had suitable space for a home office.
3. The hiking boots were suitable for the rugged terrain.
4. They selected a suitable name for their new business venture.
5. The workshop provided suitable tools for the woodworking project.
6. The suitable time for our meeting is 3 PM today.
7. This dress is suitable for a formal evening event.
8. Finding a suitable candidate for the job can be challenging.
9. The weather today is suitable for a picnic in the park.
10. We need to choose a suitable venue for the wedding.
11. The teacher assigned a suitable project for each student.
12. The restaurant offers a suitable menu for vegetarians.
13. He found a suitable partner for the dance competition.
14. A suitable diet and exercise plan can improve your health.
15. The location of the new office is suitable for our clients.
16. These shoes are suitable for long walks and hikes.
17. The library is a suitable place to study quietly.
18. The candidate's qualifications make them suitable for the role.
19. The hotel offers suitable accommodations for families.
20. Proper planning is essential to find a suitable solution.
21. A suitable font size ensures readability in the document.
22. The song lyrics are suitable for a romantic occasion.
23. This software is suitable for graphic design projects.
24. A suitable gift can make a birthday extra special.
25. The team chose a suitable mascot for their sports club.



appropriate, unsuitable, inappropriate, unfitting


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