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relevant, irrelevant, unsuitable, inapplicable



How to pronounce applicable (audio)

Dictionary definition of applicable

Relevant, appropriate, or suitable for a particular situation, context, or purpose.
"The discount is only applicable to items purchased in-store."

Detailed meaning of applicable

It signifies that a concept, rule, principle, or solution can be put into practice or used effectively in a given scenario. When something is described as applicable, it means that it has direct application and can be used to address a specific need or solve a particular problem. For example, applicable laws are those that pertain directly to a particular case, and applicable skills are those that can be used effectively in a specific job or task. "Applicable" underscores the idea that something is not just relevant in theory but can be actively employed or implemented in real-world situations, making it a valuable and practical asset.

Example sentences of applicable

1. The rules are applicable to all members of the organization.
2. Her advice is applicable in both personal and professional life.
3. This software update is not applicable to older devices.
4. The new law may not be applicable to existing contracts.
5. The techniques he taught were highly applicable to the project.
6. These guidelines are applicable across various industries.

History and etymology of applicable

The adjective 'applicable' originates from the Latin word 'applicabilis,' which is a combination of 'applicare,' meaning 'to apply or attach,' and the suffix '-bilis,' denoting capability or suitability. This etymology highlights the concept of making something relevant, appropriate, or suitable for a particular situation, context, or purpose. When something is described as 'applicable,' it implies that it can be 'applied' effectively to a specific circumstance or need. The word's roots emphasize the idea of practicality and adaptability, indicating that the subject at hand possesses qualities that make it fitting or relevant in a given context.

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Further usage examples of applicable

1. Is the discount applicable for online purchases as well?
2. The training program is applicable to employees of all levels.
3. His research findings are applicable to real-world scenarios.
4. The safety measures are applicable in emergency situations.
5. The principles of physics are applicable to engineering.
6. The dress code is applicable only during business hours.
7. The grant is applicable to nonprofit organizations.
8. The lessons from history are still applicable today.
9. The standard procedure is applicable to all clinical trials.
10. These principles are universally applicable in mathematics.
11. The warranty is only applicable to original owners.
12. The new policy is applicable to all department heads.
13. Her expertise in marketing is widely applicable.
14. The guidelines are applicable to various age groups.
15. The theory is only applicable to certain types of systems.
16. The law is applicable to all citizens of the country.
17. The warranty is only applicable to the original owner of the product.
18. The rule is applicable to all players, regardless of their skill level.
19. The policy is applicable to all customers, regardless of their spending history.
20. The method is only applicable to certain types of problems.
21. The technique is applicable to both beginners and advanced students.
22. The principle is applicable to all areas of life, not just business.
23. The guideline is applicable to all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and shareholders.
24. The rule is applicable to all team members, regardless of their role in the company.
25. The new regulations are applicable to all employees, regardless of their position.


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