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How to pronounce usable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of usable

Capable of being used, functional, or suitable for its intended purpose.
"The new software update made the application more usable with its simplified interface."

Detailed meaning of usable

When an item, system, or object is described as usable, it implies that it is in a condition or state where it can be utilized effectively and efficiently. Usability encompasses the aspects of ease, convenience, and practicality, indicating that the item or system can be operated, accessed, or interacted with without significant difficulties or obstacles. A usable design or interface takes into consideration the needs and abilities of the user, promoting a seamless and intuitive experience. Usability is crucial in various domains, including technology, software, products, and services, as it directly impacts user satisfaction and productivity. It emphasizes the importance of creating solutions that are user-friendly, accessible, and designed with the end-user in mind.

Example sentences containing usable

1. The old laptop was slow and outdated, but still usable for basic tasks.
2. The instruction manual provided clear guidelines on how to assemble the usable furniture.
3. The website's responsive design made it usable on both desktop and mobile devices.
4. Despite its compact size, the portable speaker delivered impressive sound quality and was highly usable.
5. The reusable shopping bags were not only environmentally friendly but also highly usable for grocery shopping.
6. The smartphone's user-friendly interface made it accessible and usable for people of all ages.

History and etymology of usable

The adjective 'usable' can be traced back to the root word 'use,' which has its origins in the Old French word 'user' and the Latin word 'uti,' both of which mean 'to use' or 'to employ.' The addition of the suffix '-able' in English transforms 'use' into 'usable,' signifying the capability of being used, functional, or suitable for its intended purpose. The etymology of 'usable' thus reflects its historical connection to the fundamental concept of utility and functionality, describing items or objects that are fit for use and fulfill their intended roles effectively.

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Further usage examples of usable

1. The architect ensured that the building's layout was usable for individuals with mobility challenges.
2. The teacher provided her students with usable study materials that helped them prepare for the exam.
3. The wearable fitness tracker had a usable interface that allowed users to track their health and fitness goals easily.
4. The multitool's compact design made it highly usable for outdoor adventures and DIY projects.
5. The software developer conducted usability testing to identify and improve any issues that affected the product's overall usability.
6. The new software update makes the app more usable.
7. Is this old laptop still usable for basic tasks?
8. The instructions should make the product more usable.
9. The vintage camera is surprisingly still usable.
10. Please check if the equipment is usable for the event.
11. The road conditions are barely usable in this weather.
12. Make sure the data is in a usable format for analysis.
13. The old furniture is still in usable condition.
14. This smartphone has a user-friendly and usable interface.
15. The recycled materials are usable for our project.
16. Ensure the kitchen appliances are all usable.
17. The worn-out hiking boots are no longer usable.
18. Make the website more usable for mobile users.
19. The document needs to be in a usable format.
20. Test if the backup generator is usable in an emergency.
21. The outdated software is no longer usable.
22. We need a usable solution for this problem.
23. The antique tools are still usable in woodworking.
24. The broken chair is not usable until repaired.
25. The software update promises a more usable experience.



functional, unusable, useless, broken


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