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relevant, irrelevant, unsuitable, inapplicable



How to pronounce apropos (audio)

Dictionary definition of apropos

Indicating relevance or appropriateness in relation to a particular topic, situation, or context.
"Apropos the dress code, please wear business attire for the meeting."

Detailed meaning of apropos

It is often employed to introduce a comment, statement, or action that is timely, fitting, or pertinent to the ongoing discussion or circumstances. When someone uses "apropos," they are typically highlighting the connection between what they are saying or doing and the current subject matter or context. It is a way of emphasizing that the remark or action is particularly suitable or well-timed. For example, one might say, "Apropos of our earlier conversation about climate change, I read an interesting article on renewable energy." In this case, "apropos" signals that the mentioned article is relevant to the previous discussion about climate change.

Example sentences of apropos

1. Apropos of our discussion, I found an article that supports your argument.
2. She made a joke that was entirely apropos given the awkward tension in the room.
3. Apropos of the upcoming elections, let's discuss campaign strategies.
4. Your comment about technology is apropos to our talk on future innovations.
5. Apropos of your question, the meeting has been rescheduled to next week.
6. The professor mentioned Plato, apropos of the philosophical debate we were having.

History and etymology of apropos

The preposition 'apropos' has a fascinating etymology rooted in the French language. It is a fusion of the words 'à' (meaning 'to') and 'propos' (meaning 'purpose' or 'topic'). This etymology beautifully encapsulates the essence of the word, as 'apropos' is used to indicate relevance or appropriateness in relation to a particular topic, situation, or context. Essentially, it signifies that something is 'to the purpose' or 'to the point' in a given discussion or circumstance. The word's origins in French contribute to its sense of precision and timeliness, emphasizing the idea that what is 'apropos' is exactly what is needed or fitting for the occasion.

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Further usage examples of apropos

1. Apropos of nothing, he started discussing his passion for vintage cars.
2. His choice of a beach backdrop was apropos for the summer-themed party.
3. The report, apropos to our project, offers valuable insights into market trends.
4. I heard a song today that was apropos of the emotions I've been feeling lately.
5. Apropos of the recent scandal, the CEO decided to step down from his position.
6. He gave her flowers, apropos of their anniversary, surprising her at work.
7. Apropos your concerns, we have updated our privacy policy.
8. They presented data apropos to the hypothesis, adding weight to the argument.
9. Her attire was quite apropos for the formal event she was attending.
10. He shared a relevant quote apropos of the motivational talk he was giving.
11. She mentioned her love for reading apropos of the newly opened bookstore.
12. Apropos to our debate, I read an article suggesting alternative viewpoints.
13. Apropos of our earlier conversation, I have a relevant example to share.
14. She made a witty remark apropos of the current situation.
15. Apropos to his interests, he chose a career in environmental conservation.
16. The timing of his arrival was quite apropos, as we needed his assistance.
17. His comment was not apropos of the discussion and derailed the conversation.
18. Apropos the weather forecast, it seems like rain is expected later today.
19. Apropos our budget constraints, we need to find cost-effective solutions.
20. Her sudden departure was quite apropos of her unpredictable nature.
21. The decision to cancel the event was apropos the safety concerns raised by attendees.
22. Apropos the recent developments, we need to reevaluate our strategy.
23. Apropos our earlier agreement, I will follow up with a detailed proposal.


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