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combine, separate, divide, split


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How to pronounce fuse (audio)


Dictionary definition of fuse

To join or combine two or more things together to form a unified whole.
"The artist attempted to fuse elements of abstract and realist styles in her painting."

Detailed meaning of fuse

It involves merging or blending separate elements, ideas, or substances to create a single entity or coherent structure. When something is fused, it implies a process of integration or amalgamation, often resulting in a seamless or harmonious outcome. The act of fusing can involve physical objects, such as metals or materials, which are heated and joined together to create a solid bond. Additionally, it can describe the blending of different concepts, styles, or influences to create something new and unique. Fusing can occur in various contexts, such as art, music, science, or technology, where disparate elements are combined to produce innovative or transformative results. Overall, the verb "fuse" represents the action of uniting or merging distinct components to form a unified whole.

Example sentences containing fuse

1. The electrician managed to fuse the wires together, restoring power to the building.
2. When cultures fuse, they create a unique blend of traditions and customs.
3. The blacksmith demonstrated how to fuse metals to create a strong alloy.
4. With their common love for music, the band members were able to fuse their differing tastes into a cohesive sound.
5. A neutron star can fuse lighter elements into heavier ones under its intense gravity.
6. The hot summer sun seemed to fuse the asphalt to our shoes.

History and etymology of fuse

The verb 'fuse' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'fundere,' which means 'to pour' or 'to melt.' The concept behind this connection lies in the idea of melting or pouring together different materials, such as metals, to create a single, unified substance. This Latin term evolved into 'fusare' in Old French, which meant 'to melt' or 'to blend.' Over time, 'fuse' adopted the broader meaning of joining or combining two or more things together to form a unified whole, reflecting its historical association with the process of melting and merging materials. The etymology of 'fuse' thus underscores its original connection to the act of fusing or blending elements into a cohesive entity.

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Further usage examples of fuse

1. The jeweler skillfully fused the broken pieces of the necklace together.
2. To fix the device, we must fuse this component with the main circuit board.
3. The chef managed to fuse French and Asian cuisine in his signature dish.
4. The designers decided to fuse modern aesthetics with traditional materials for the project.
5. When two cells fuse during fertilization, they form a single organism.
6. They plan to fuse traditional and modern elements in the design.
7. The chef aims to fuse different cuisines in this new dish.
8. The merger will fuse two major companies into one entity.
9. Scientists are working to fuse atoms in a controlled environment.
10. The artist's paintings often fuse abstract and realistic styles.
11. Music can fuse emotions and memories like nothing else.
12. The team will fuse their talents to complete the project.
13. Their love story will fuse cultures and traditions together.
14. This adhesive will fuse the materials securely.
15. The dance performance will fuse various genres seamlessly.
16. Let's fuse our ideas to create a brilliant solution.
17. The experiment aims to fuse art and technology.
18. The plan is to fuse creativity and innovation in our approach.
19. The partnership will fuse our expertise for mutual benefit.
20. Their voices fuse harmoniously in this beautiful duet.
21. We must fuse our efforts to tackle this global challenge.
22. The architect seeks to fuse nature and architecture in the design.
23. These elements will fuse together to form a powerful alloy.
24. Let's fuse these ingredients for a unique flavor combination.
25. The goal is to fuse tradition and progress for a brighter future.

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