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How to pronounce auricular (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'auricular'

Relating to the ear or the sense of hearing.
"The auricular nerves transmit sound signals to the brain."

Detailed meaning of 'auricular'

It describes objects, experiences, or qualities that pertain to or affect the auditory perception. When something is described as auricular, it implies a direct connection to the ear or the act of listening. This adjective can be used to describe various aspects of sound, hearing, or the anatomy of the ear. It can also be used to denote experiences or practices that involve or pertain to the ear, such as auricular therapy or auricular acupuncture, which involve the stimulation of specific points on the ear for therapeutic purposes. In a broader sense, auricular can be used metaphorically to describe a focus on or importance given to listening, auditory perception, or the appreciation of sound. Overall, the adjective "auricular" emphasizes the association with the ear, auditory experiences, or the act of listening.

History and etymology of 'auricular'

The adjective 'auricular' is closely linked to the Latin word 'auricula,' which means 'ear.' This Latin term is derived from 'auris,' which simply means 'ear.' When 'auricular' was introduced into English, it retained its connection to the ear and the sense of hearing. It describes anything that is related to or associated with the ear or the auditory sense. Whether in the context of medical terminology, where it might refer to something pertaining to the ear, or in a broader sense when discussing the auditory aspect of music or sound, 'auricular' emphasizes its etymological roots in the Latin word for 'ear.'

Example sentences containing 'auricular'

1. The physician checked the auricular lymph nodes for swelling as part of the patient’s examination.
2. He wore an auricular hearing aid, which was almost invisible due to its small size and fitting inside the ear.
3. Auricular landmarks are essential references for reconstructive ear surgery.
4. The victim had an auricular hematoma due to trauma and had to undergo a minor surgical procedure.
5. Her auricular piercings were a statement of her unique sense of style.
6. The auricular appendages on some animals, such as rabbits, are highly developed to detect sounds.
7. His auricular sensitivity allowed him to detect subtle sounds.
8. The auricular examination revealed no hearing loss.
9. The musician's auricular perception of music was extraordinary.
10. She had an auricular infection that required treatment.
11. The audiologist conducted an auricular assessment.
12. His auricular memory enabled him to recall conversations verbatim.
13. The auricular system processes sound vibrations.
14. The earplugs provided auricular protection at the concert.
15. The artist depicted auricular beauty in her paintings.
16. The audiobook provided an immersive auricular experience.
17. The dog's auricular abilities allowed it to hear distant sounds.
18. The hearing aid improved her auricular function.
19. The orchestra's auricular harmony was enchanting.
20. His auricular acuity was essential for his career in sound design.
21. The earphones delivered high-quality auricular enjoyment.
22. The auricular nerve transmits auditory signals to the brain.
23. Auricular health is crucial for maintaining hearing.
24. The auricular canal can become blocked due to wax buildup.
25. His auricular awareness made him a skilled musician.
26. The auricular response to music is deeply personal.



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