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How to pronounce auxiliary (audio)

Dictionary definition of auxiliary

Providing additional or supplementary support or assistance.
"The auxiliary staff helped with registration at the conference."

Detailed meaning of auxiliary

The term is often used to describe something that is intended to assist or complement something else, rather than replace it. In many cases, it is used as an adjective, as in auxiliary equipment, auxiliary power or auxiliary services.

In military, an auxiliary force is a part of the armed forces that is not a regular or main part of the military but provides support to the main force. In transportation, an auxiliary vehicle is a vehicle that is not the main one but provides support in a specific task such as a trailer or a tow truck.

In linguistics, auxiliary verbs are used to indicate grammatical mood, tense, or voice, such as "will" in the sentence "I will go to the store." In linguistics, an auxiliary language is a language that is used to assist in communication between people who speak different languages.

In healthcare, an auxiliary staff is a group of non-medical support workers, such as nurses, nursing assistants, and other support staff, who help in the delivery of medical care.

Overall, auxiliary refers to something that provides additional or supplementary support or assistance. It can be used in many fields to describe something that is intended to assist or complement something else, rather than replace it.

Example sentences of auxiliary

1. The ship was equipped with an auxiliary engine in case the main engine failed.
2. The hospital set up an auxiliary medical tent to accommodate the influx of patients during the disaster.
3. The auxiliary police force was called in to assist with crowd control at the event.
4. He used auxiliary lights on his bicycle to ensure visibility during nighttime rides.
5. The choir's auxiliary members were asked to join the regular members for the grand performance.
6. The generator served as an auxiliary power source when the electricity went out during the storm.

History and etymology of auxiliary

The adjective 'auxiliary' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'auxiliaris,' which is derived from 'auxilium,' meaning 'help' or 'assistance.' Therefore, 'auxiliary' etymologically conveys the idea of providing additional or supplementary support or assistance. It signifies elements or entities that serve as helpers or reinforcements, assisting a primary or central function. 'Auxiliary' can describe various things, such as auxiliary equipment, auxiliary personnel, or auxiliary services, all of which play a supportive role to enhance the overall efficiency or effectiveness of a system or process. Its etymology underscores the concept of offering aid or assistance to bolster and complement a primary function or entity.

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Further usage examples of auxiliary

1. The toolkit contained auxiliary equipment, including spare screws and a mini screwdriver.
2. The language course included auxiliary materials such as flashcards and audio recordings to enhance learning.
3. The car’s auxiliary input allowed passengers to connect their devices and play their own music.
4. The firefighters received auxiliary support from neighboring counties to combat the massive forest fire.
5. The university’s auxiliary services, like the cafeteria and bookstore, contribute to the campus community’s overall experience.
6. The military deployed auxiliary troops to provide additional reinforcement in the conflict zone.
7. He serves as an auxiliary firefighter, providing crucial support during emergencies.
8. In case of a power outage, the generator serves as an auxiliary power source to keep essential systems running.
9. These auxiliary tools, designed for precision work, simplify even the most complex tasks.
10. Her role within the research team may be considered auxiliary, but her contributions significantly impact the project's success.
11. Auxiliary systems, such as automated workflows and backup processes, enhance operational efficiency.
12. We maintain a stock of auxiliary equipment to ensure readiness for unexpected contingencies.
13. He prefers to use an auxiliary keyboard for programming tasks, which offers additional functionality.
14. During large-scale events, auxiliary staff is hired to assist with logistics and crowd management.
15. The sailing ship is equipped with auxiliary sails to provide extra propulsion in calm winds.
16. The team relies on auxiliary data sources to validate their research findings and ensure accuracy.
17. The car features an auxiliary jack, allowing passengers to connect external devices to the audio system.
18. She provides auxiliary services, including consultation and support, to clients seeking guidance.
19. The software program offers a range of auxiliary features, from data analysis tools to customization options.
20. Auxiliary troops were called in to bolster the strength of the army during the conflict.
21. He operates an auxiliary pump, which can be activated to maintain water flow in case of a main pump failure.
22. The integrated system has auxiliary functions that can be activated to perform specific tasks.
23. While the role is auxiliary to mine, it contributes significantly to the overall success of the project.
24. Auxiliary components, such as safety switches and backup alarms, ensure the safe operation of industrial machinery.
25. To meet increased demand, we recently installed an auxiliary production line to supplement our main manufacturing process.
26. A wide range of auxiliary resources, including manuals, tutorials, and online support, are available to assist users in navigating the software.


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