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How to pronounce ancillary (audio)

Dictionary definition of ancillary

Auxiliary, supplementary, or additional, often in a supportive or secondary role.
"The ancillary staff are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office."

Detailed meaning of ancillary

It describes elements, objects, or functions that are subordinate to a primary or central component, serving to enhance or complement its main purpose. 'Ancillary' can apply to various contexts, such as ancillary services in healthcare that support the main medical treatment, or ancillary equipment in a technological system that enhances its core functionality. This term signifies a supportive and often indispensable role, emphasizing the idea that ancillary elements contribute to the overall effectiveness or completeness of a larger whole, while not being the primary focus themselves.

Example sentences of ancillary

1. The ancillary services provided additional support to the main operations of the company.
2. The book included ancillary materials such as study guides and practice quizzes.
3. The hotel offered ancillary amenities like a spa, gym, and complimentary breakfast.
4. The ancillary staff worked behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations in the hospital.
5. The computer came with ancillary software that enhanced its functionality.
6. The company expanded its product line to include ancillary products that complemented their main offerings.

History and etymology of ancillary

The adjective 'ancillary' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'ancillaris,' which is derived from 'ancilla,' meaning 'handmaid' or 'maid servant.' In ancient times, ancillaries were women who served in supportive or secondary roles, assisting in various household tasks. Over time, the term evolved to describe anything that serves in an auxiliary, supplementary, or additional capacity, often playing a supportive or secondary role in a larger context. 'Ancillary' signifies elements or components that are not primary but contribute to the overall functioning or completeness of a system, much like the supportive role of a handmaid in a household. Its etymology underscores the idea of providing additional support or assistance to a main entity or function.

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Further usage examples of ancillary

1. The conference provided ancillary workshops and networking events for participants.
2. The ancillary equipment, such as cables and adapters, were essential for setting up the new audio system.
3. The magazine included ancillary articles on related topics, providing a comprehensive reading experience.
4. The online course offered ancillary resources such as video tutorials and interactive quizzes.
5. The museum's gift shop offered ancillary merchandise featuring famous artworks from the collection.
6. The ancillary benefits of volunteering included personal growth, building connections, and contributing to the community.
7. Ancillary services, such as customer support and maintenance, enhance the overall value of our offerings.
8. While she plays an ancillary role in the project, her contributions in research have been indispensable.
9. Ancillary equipment, including specialized tools and accessories, is essential for completing the construction project.
10. The comprehensive report not only covers the primary findings but also includes ancillary data that provide context and insights.
11. Ancillary staff members, such as administrative assistants and technicians, provide crucial support to the core team.
12. When budgeting, it's important to consider ancillary costs, which may include unforeseen expenses or contingencies.
13. The software offers a range of ancillary features, allowing users to customize their experience to their specific needs.
14. Ancillary benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans, are significant incentives for employees.
15. Ancillary materials, such as textbooks and online resources, aid students in their learning journey.
16. His role in the project may be ancillary, but it's a vital part of the overall success of the team.
17. Ancillary products, such as complementary accessories and add-ons, enhance the functionality of our main offerings.
18. Managing ancillary tasks, such as documentation and logistics, requires careful attention to detail.
19. The ancillary system, designed to handle overflow traffic, proved to be highly efficient during peak hours.
20. Unexpected ancillary expenses, like repairs and upgrades, strained the project's budget.
21. The company goes beyond its core services to provide ancillary support, ensuring a seamless customer experience.
22. Ancillary solutions, like automation tools and software integrations, streamline complex business processes.
23. A wide range of ancillary resources, from online tutorials to user forums, is available to assist customers.
24. They specialize in providing ancillary services that complement the core offerings of their industry.
25. Ancillary modules, designed to extend the software's functionality, can be added to tailor the system to specific needs.
26. Ancillary functions, though supportive in nature, play a crucial role in achieving the main task's success and efficiency.


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