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How to pronounce subsidiary (audio)


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Dictionary definition of subsidiary

Subordinate or secondary in importance or nature to something else.
"The subsidiary company focuses on producing high-end electronics."

Detailed meaning of subsidiary

It can describe a company that is owned or controlled by another company, known as the parent company, and operates as a smaller, more specialized entity that supports or complements the parent company's operations. For example, a car manufacturer may have a subsidiary that produces and sells only luxury vehicles, while the parent company focuses on mass-market models. The term can also be used to describe smaller parts or components within a larger system or organization, such as a subsidiary department within a company that focuses on a specific function or task. Overall, 'subsidiary' denotes a lower level of importance or significance within a larger framework.

Example sentences containing subsidiary

1. The subsidiary company has been performing exceptionally well this quarter.
2. She assumed the role of CEO at the subsidiary firm last month.
3. The profits of the subsidiary entity are essential to our overall financial health.
4. Our subsidiary unit in Canada has shown substantial growth in the past year.
5. The subsidiary operations significantly contribute to the main company's revenues.
6. They have several subsidiary companies spread across Europe.

History and etymology of subsidiary

The adjective 'subsidiary' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'subsidiarius,' which combines 'sub,' meaning 'under,' and 'sidium,' meaning 'help' or 'support.' This etymological composition aptly reflects the essence of 'subsidiary' as something subordinate or secondary in importance or nature to something else, often providing support or assistance. The term carries a sense of being under the main entity or purpose, complementing and assisting it. Through its Latin roots, 'subsidiary' conveys the idea of being a supportive adjunct or a secondary component, highlighting the interplay between the primary and secondary elements within a system or organization.

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Further usage examples of subsidiary

1. The new technology was developed by a subsidiary branch of the corporation.
2. The production costs are lower at the subsidiary factories.
3. This brand is a subsidiary of a larger international conglomerate.
4. The marketing strategies for the subsidiary organizations differ from the parent company.
5. Despite being a subsidiary, the firm has its unique brand identity.
6. They launched a new product line through their subsidiary enterprise.
7. The subsidiary institutions are included in the total assets of the parent company.
8. The main corporation held a meeting with all its subsidiary businesses.
9. All subsidiary bodies are expected to align with the parent company's ethical guidelines.
10. The workers at the subsidiary location are demanding higher wages.
11. The CEO is planning a visit to the subsidiary offices next month.
12. The company's profits have been boosted by its thriving subsidiary industries.
13. The quality assurance team oversees both the parent company and its subsidiary divisions.
14. Despite being a subsidiary, the company enjoys a degree of operational autonomy.



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