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assert, deny, contradict, disavow



How to pronounce aver (audio)

Dictionary definition of aver

To state or assert something confidently, firmly, or formally.
"The witness will aver that he saw the defendant at the crime scene."

Detailed meaning of aver

When someone avers a statement or belief, they are making a claim or declaration, usually emphasizing their certainty or conviction. It implies a strong affirmation or avowal of the truth or validity of a particular statement, idea, or opinion. By averring, individuals present their assertion as a fact or truth, often providing supporting evidence or arguments. The act of averring is often associated with expressing a position, defending a viewpoint, or making a formal statement in a legal or official context. It conveys a sense of assurance, confidence, and sincerity in the assertion being made, demonstrating a strong belief or conviction in its accuracy or veracity.

Example sentences of aver

1. The expert will aver that the product meets all safety standards.
2. The attorney will aver that her client is innocent and provide evidence to support the claim.
3. He will aver that he completed the project on time and within budget.
4. The scientist will aver that their research findings are based on rigorous experimentation.
5. The lawyer averred that her client was innocent of the charges.
6. The spokesperson will aver that the company takes customer satisfaction seriously.

History and etymology of aver

The verb 'aver' has its origins in the Old French word 'aver,' which means 'to assert' or 'to affirm.' In turn, Old French derived 'aver' from the Latin word 'habere,' which means 'to have' or 'to hold.' In medieval legal contexts, 'aver' was used to formally assert or affirm a statement or claim, especially in a legal context, where confidence and formality were essential. Over time, it evolved into the English verb 'aver,' retaining its sense of confidently stating or affirming something. The etymology of 'aver' underscores its historical connection to assertions, affirmations, and the formal declaration of statements or claims, reflecting its use in contexts where certainty and firmness are crucial.

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Further usage examples of aver

1. The historian will aver that the event shaped the course of history.
2. The teacher will aver that the student's performance has significantly improved.
3. The coach will aver that the team has been working hard to achieve their goals.
4. The doctor will aver that regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential for maintaining good health.
5. The journalist will aver that the article is based on verified facts and reliable sources.
6. The CEO will aver that the company's success is attributed to the dedication of its employees.
7. I aver that our new policy will bring prosperity to the entire community.
8. She will aver her innocence when she faces the court next week.
9. We aver the quality of our products, promising exceptional durability.
10. In his speech, the president will aver the nation's economic growth.
11. Lawyers aver that the evidence proves their client’s innocence.
12. Candidates often aver their dedication to serving the public good.
13. Scientists aver a need for immediate action to mitigate climate risks.
14. The teacher was quick to aver his commitment to students' welfare.
15. I must aver, the results of the experiment exceeded our expectations.
16. Activists aver that changes in law are essential for social justice.
17. The chef was proud to aver his dish’s authenticity and quality.
18. Entrepreneurs aver that innovation is key to economic growth.
19. In the manifesto, the party will aver their stance on health care.
20. The artist would aver the originality of her works to the critics.
21. He is expected to aver his strategy’s effectiveness next Friday.
22. The manager will aver her team’s capability to handle the project.
23. In the meeting, James took a moment to aver his dedication.
24. Tomorrow, the director will aver the company’s financial health.
25. At the conference, they’ll aver the importance of mental health.


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