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How to pronounce awash (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'awash'

Overflowing or filled with a large amount of something, typically a liquid.
"The market was awash with counterfeit products."

Detailed Meaning of 'awash'

It can also be used to describe something that is flooded or overwhelmed, such as a person or organization that is swamped with work or a place that is crowded with people. The term "awash" often connotes a sense of abundance or excess, as well as a lack of control or balance. For example, a ship that is awash in waves is being buffeted and tossed about, while a market that is awash in new products may be difficult to navigate or distinguish between different offerings. Overall, the term "awash" suggests a state of being inundated or overwhelmed, whether by a physical substance or a more abstract concept.

History and Etymology of 'awash'

The adjective 'awash' draws its etymological origins from the Old English word 'agas,' which means 'floods' or 'waves.' The term evolved through Middle English and eventually gave rise to 'awash.' Its etymology conveys the image of something being submerged or flooded, often by a large quantity of liquid. Therefore, when we describe something as 'awash,' we imply that it is overflowing or filled with a substantial amount of something, typically a liquid, as if it were engulfed by waves or inundated by a flood, evoking a vivid image of abundance and inundation.

Examples of 'awash' in a Sentence

1. The concert venue was awash with music enthusiasts.
2. The park was awash with children playing and laughing.
3. The kitchen was awash with the aroma of freshly baked bread.
4. The internet is awash with viral videos and memes.
5. The casino was awash with flashing slot machines and card tables.
6. The garden was awash with the fragrance of blooming flowers.
7. The political rally was awash with passionate speeches and banners.
8. The bookstore was awash with avid readers on a weekend.
9. The market was awash with the hustle and bustle of shoppers.
10. The classroom was awash with colorful posters and student artwork.
11. The nightclub was awash with dance music and flashing strobe lights.
12. The desert was awash with the colors of a stunning sunset.
13. The theater lobby was awash with excited theatergoers.
14. The city's skyline was awash with fireworks on New Year's Eve.
15. The beach was awash with seaweed after the storm.
16. The kitchen was awash with dirty dishes and pans.
17. The streets were awash with people celebrating the festival.
18. The river was awash with debris after the heavy rain.
19. The room was awash with bright colors and bold patterns.
20. The company was awash with cash after a successful year.
21. The forest was awash with the sounds of wildlife at night.
22. The news was awash with reports of the latest scandal.
23. The city was awash with graffiti on the walls and buildings.
24. The beach was awash with tourists during the summer months.
25. The internet is awash with information on just about any topic imaginable.





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