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How to pronounce babel (audio)

Dictionary definition of babel

A situation of noisy confusion and disorder, often caused by a lack of understanding or communication.
"The classroom was filled with the babel of excited students."

Detailed meaning of babel

The term comes from the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, in which God confuses the languages of the people building the tower, leading to chaos and confusion. In a modern context, the term "babel" can refer to any situation in which people are speaking different languages or have different understandings of a situation, leading to miscommunication and disorder. This can occur in a wide range of contexts, such as in a multicultural society, a multinational corporation, or a complex technical project involving multiple teams. The term "babel" implies a sense of frustration and disorder, as people struggle to make themselves understood and to navigate a complex and confusing environment. Overall, the term "babel" suggests a situation of confusion and disarray, often caused by a lack of effective communication or understanding.

Example sentences of babel

1. Babel's legendary tower symbolizes humanity's quest for unattainable heights.
2. The linguistic diversity at the heart of Babel's story mirrors our global society.
3. Babel's narrative serves as a timeless cautionary tale against unchecked ambition.
4. The echoes of Babel's collapse resonate through the annals of history.
5. In our modern world, technology often plays the role of a digital Babel.
6. Babel's intricate web of languages continues to fascinate scholars worldwide.

History and etymology of babel

The noun 'babel' draws its etymological origins from the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, which can be found in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. According to the story, people of different languages and cultures attempted to build a tower that would reach the heavens. In response to this hubristic endeavor, God confounded their language, causing them to speak in different tongues and rendering them unable to understand one another. This linguistic confusion led to chaos and the abandonment of the tower's construction. Over time, the term 'babel' came to symbolize a situation characterized by noisy confusion and disorder, often arising from a lack of understanding or effective communication among people speaking different languages or having divergent viewpoints. It has become a metaphor for any situation marked by tumultuous cacophony and a breakdown in mutual comprehension.

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Further usage examples of babel

1. Learning multiple languages is akin to deciphering the mysteries of Babel.
2. Literature and art have drawn inspiration from Babel's enigmatic allure.
3. Babel's enduring legacy underscores the importance of effective communication.
4. The United Nations strives to prevent the chaos of a contemporary Babel.
5. Babel's dissolution led to the emergence of distinct cultural identities.
6. Babel's disarray exemplifies the power of language to unite or divide.
7. The ruins of Babel serve as a tangible reminder of human folly.
8. Babel's mythic tale carries timeless wisdom about human aspiration.
9. Babel's collapse marked a pivotal moment in the tapestry of human history.
10. Language barriers can create modern-day Babels in our interconnected world.
11. Babel's story speaks to the eternal human yearning for connection.
12. The study of Babel's linguistics reveals layers of complexity in communication.
13. Babel's architectural marvel continues to inspire awe and wonder.
14. Babel's legacy lives on through the ongoing quest for universal understanding.
15. The Internet's vastness can feel overwhelming, akin to a digital Babel.
16. Babel's disintegration remains a cautionary example of human overreach.
17. The unraveling of Babel's tongues gave birth to diverse cultures.
18. Babel's narrative underscores the importance of humility in our pursuits.
19. Exploring Babel's history unveils the intricate tapestry of human language.


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