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How to pronounce baleful (audio)

Dictionary definition of baleful

Filled with harmful or threatening intentions, often conveying a sense of ominousness or malevolence.
"The snake had a baleful glare, it was clear that it was ready to strike."

Detailed meaning of baleful

When applied to a person's gaze, for example, it suggests a look that is malicious or intending harm. In a broader context, 'baleful' can be used to characterize anything that exudes an aura of impending danger or evil, whether it's a dark and foreboding atmosphere, a menacing expression, or an ominous prediction. This word carries a weight of negativity and is commonly employed to depict situations, actions, or individuals that inspire fear, caution, or concern due to their sinister or harmful nature.

Example sentences of baleful

1. The storm clouds had a baleful appearance, as if they were about to unleash a violent tempest.
2. The old man had a baleful expression, it was clear that he held a grudge against someone.
3. The abandoned building had a baleful aura, it seemed to radiate an eerie sense of danger.
4. The statue had a baleful gaze, it seemed to be watching the visitors with disapproval.
5. The dark forest had a baleful reputation, it was said to be haunted by ghosts and monsters.
6. The dog had a baleful growl, it was clear that it was not to be trusted.

History and etymology of baleful

The adjective 'baleful' has its origins in Old English, where it was originally spelled as 'bealoful.' This Old English term can be traced back to 'bealu,' which meant 'evil' or 'harm.' The suffix '-ful' was added to 'bealu' to create 'bealoful,' indicating full of evil or harm. Over time, 'bealoful' evolved into 'baleful,' and its meaning expanded to describe things or individuals filled with harmful or threatening intentions, often conveying a sense of ominousness or malevolence. Its etymology reflects the idea of something being imbued with evil or harm, making it an apt word to convey the sense of foreboding and malevolent intent.

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Further usage examples of baleful

1. The sky had a baleful color, it was clear that a storm was approaching.
2. The old castle had a baleful history, it was said to be the site of many gruesome murders.
3. The prophecy had a baleful tone, it predicted doom and destruction for the kingdom.
4. The weapon had a baleful power, it was said to be able to bring death with a single strike.
5. The wizard had a baleful expression, it was clear that he was preparing to cast a dangerous spell.
6. His baleful stare haunted my dreams for weeks, a chilling reminder of his malevolent intent.
7. The ancient forest exuded a baleful energy, warning all who entered of the impending danger.
8. The baleful moon cast an eerie glow over the desolate landscape, adding to its ominous atmosphere.
9. Her baleful smile concealed a deep-seated malice that sent shivers down my spine.
10. The baleful storm raged outside, unleashing its destructive fury upon the unsuspecting town.
11. The baleful prophecy foretold a future filled with darkness and despair, leaving no room for hope.
12. The baleful specter that haunted the old mansion seemed to feed off the fear of those who dared enter.
13. The baleful curse, once unleashed, brought nothing but misery and suffering to the cursed soul.
14. In the baleful silence of the abandoned asylum, the echoes of past horrors still whispered their malevolent secrets.
15. The baleful aura surrounding the mysterious artifact warned all who approached of the impending doom it carried.
16. The baleful howl of the wind through the haunted graveyard added to the sense of foreboding in the night.
17. The baleful eyes of the ancient statue seemed to follow you, their malevolent gaze never wavering.
18. The baleful night concealed its malevolent secrets, leaving those who ventured out vulnerable to the unknown.
19. The baleful atmosphere in the room grew thicker as the séance continued, revealing the presence of something otherworldly.
20. The baleful hiss of the serpent sent a clear warning of its deadly intentions, striking fear into anyone who crossed its path.
21. The baleful whispers of the ghostly apparitions in the haunted mansion sent chills down the spines of the bravest souls.
22. The baleful warning in the ancient tome was heeded too late, unleashing a malevolent force that could not be contained.
23. The baleful growl of the beast in the shadows filled the night with a sense of impending danger.
24. The baleful glow of the cursed amulet cast an eerie light on the faces of those who possessed it, revealing their malevolent desires.
25. The baleful fate that awaited those who dared enter the forbidden cave was a well-known cautionary tale, a reminder of the darkness that lurked within.


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