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lewd, decent, clean, pure



How to pronounce bawdy (audio)

Dictionary definition of bawdy

Humorously risqué, vulgar, or sexually explicit in a playful or irreverent way.
"The comedian's jokes were often bawdy and inappropriate for children."

Detailed meaning of bawdy

When something is characterized as bawdy, it implies a form of humor or expression that involves frank discussions or depictions of sexual matters, often with the intent to amuse or entertain. This term can apply to various contexts, such as bawdy jokes or humor that relies on explicit content for comedic effect, a bawdy comedy show or performance that uses sexual innuendo for entertainment, or a bawdy song with suggestive lyrics that provoke laughter and titillation. "Bawdy" underscores the idea of a cheeky, uninhibited, and sometimes irreverent approach to sexuality and humor, often pushing the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable in a light-hearted and playful manner.

Example sentences of bawdy

1. The bawdy humor in the comedy club had the audience in stitches.
2. They shared bawdy jokes that left everyone laughing uncontrollably.
3. Her bawdy sense of humor was both refreshing and entertaining.
4. The movie's bawdy scenes pushed the boundaries of traditional cinema.
5. Their bawdy banter added a playful element to the conversation.
6. The party was filled with bawdy anecdotes and raucous laughter.

History and etymology of bawdy

The adjective 'bawdy' traces its origins to Middle English and Old French. In Middle English, it was 'bawdi,' and in Old French, 'baud,' both of which referred to something lewd, obscene, or risqué. The word likely evolved from the Latin 'baldus,' meaning 'stuttering' or 'stammering,' which may have been used metaphorically to describe vulgar or indecent speech. Over time, 'bawdy' came to characterize humor, language, or behavior that is humorously risqué, vulgar, or sexually explicit, often in a playful or irreverent manner. It has been a term associated with ribaldry and comedic innuendo, finding its place in literature, theater, and various forms of entertainment as a source of amusement and titillation.

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Further usage examples of bawdy

1. He entertained the crowd with his bawdy and irreverent stand-up.
2. The bawdy comedy show was a hit among the college crowd.
3. Their bawdy tales from the weekend adventure kept everyone engaged.
4. The play's bawdy dialogue was a nod to Shakespearean humor.
5. They regaled each other with bawdy stories from their travels.
6. The bawdy innuendos in the movie provided comic relief.
7. The comedian's bawdy performance pushed societal boundaries.
8. The bawdy comedy night was a perfect escape from routine.
9. His bawdy sense of humor made him the life of the party.
10. The bawdy jokes at the bachelor party left everyone in stitches.
11. Their bawdy humor was an acquired taste, but they relished it.
12. The show's bawdy humor was a hit with the adult audience.
13. The bawdy one-liners had the crowd roaring with laughter.
14. Her bawdy anecdotes about dating were both hilarious and relatable.
15. The bawdy humor in their skits was a staple of their act.
16. The film's bawdy scenes were a major talking point among viewers.
17. Their bawdy exchange of jokes lightened the tense atmosphere.
18. The bawdy stand-up comedian always drew a packed house.
19. The bawdy tales shared around the campfire kept everyone entertained.


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