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How to pronounce raunchy (audio)


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Dictionary definition of raunchy

Characterized by an explicit, vulgar, or sexually suggestive quality.
"She wore a raunchy outfit to the party, drawing many stares."


Detailed meaning of raunchy

When applied to various forms of media, such as movies, music, or literature, it indicates content that is explicit or sexually provocative in nature, often containing graphic or risqué elements that can be considered offensive or inappropriate for certain audiences. In a broader sense, "raunchy" can also be used to describe behavior or language that is coarse, bawdy, or lewd, typically with a focus on sexual themes or innuendo. Overall, it conveys a sense of immodesty or explicitness that may be intended for humor, shock value, or titillation.

Example sentences containing raunchy

1. The raunchy comedy had the audience in fits of laughter.
2. Her raunchy jokes often pushed the boundaries of taste.
3. The nightclub featured raunchy burlesque performances.
4. He enjoyed raunchy humor but knew when to keep it in check.
5. The movie's raunchy scenes were a topic of controversy.
6. Their raunchy banter was all in good fun among friends.

History and etymology of raunchy

The adjective 'raunchy' has uncertain origins, but it is believed to have emerged in American English during the 1930s. Its etymology is somewhat elusive, but it is thought to be related to the word 'ranch,' which at the time was associated with wild and unruly places, especially in the American West. Over time, 'raunchy' came to describe something that was not just wild or rough but also characterized by explicit, vulgar, or sexually suggestive qualities. While its precise etymology may not be well-documented, the term 'raunchy' has become a part of colloquial English, conveying a sense of something daring or risqué, often with a strong sexual connotation.

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Further usage examples of raunchy

1. The party had a reputation for its raunchy games.
2. The comedian's raunchy stand-up routine was a hit.
3. The music video featured raunchy dance sequences.
4. He appreciated raunchy humor as long as it wasn't offensive.
5. The film's raunchy dialogue earned it an adult rating.
6. Her raunchy innuendos made the conversation awkward.
7. The TV show's raunchy humor was not suitable for all audiences.
8. The raunchy lyrics of the song were catchy but explicit.
9. The bachelor party turned into a night of raunchy revelry.
10. His raunchy comments embarrassed those around him.
11. The comedian's raunchy punchlines had the crowd roaring.
12. The book's raunchy scenes shocked some readers.
13. The club was known for its raunchy dance floor antics.
14. The raunchy humor was meant for adult ears only.
15. The movie had a raunchy sense of humor that some found offensive.
16. The club had a reputation for playing raunchy music.
17. His jokes were often raunchy and inappropriate.
18. The book was filled with raunchy scenes that some readers found titillating.
19. They went to a raunchy bar on the outskirts of town.
20. The comedian's raunchy jokes shocked the audience.
21. He had a raunchy sense of humor that not everyone appreciated.
22. The dance routine featured raunchy moves and suggestive gestures.
23. The party was getting raunchy as the night wore on.
24. The movie was rated R for its raunchy content.
25. She was known for her raunchy comedy routines that pushed the boundaries of good taste.



explicit, clean, wholesome, pure


Attraction and Allure, Passion and Pulchritude, Enjoyment and Delight, Love and Sex

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