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How to pronounce smutty (audio)


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Dictionary definition of smutty

Characterized by or containing obscene or sexually explicit content, language, or themes.
"The bookshop had a section dedicated to smutty novels and explicit literature."


Detailed meaning of smutty

It is often used to describe materials, such as books, movies, or jokes, that are considered lewd, vulgar, or indecent. When referring to humor, "smutty" indicates jokes or comments that are explicit or risqué in a sexual manner. This adjective can also be used to describe a person who frequently engages in or enjoys discussing topics of a sexual nature in an inappropriate or crude manner. Overall, the term "smutty" denotes content or behavior that is sexually suggestive, explicit, or offensive in nature, often disregarding societal norms or standards of decency.

Example sentences containing smutty

1. The comedian's smutty jokes elicited both laughter and discomfort from the audience.
2. Sarah blushed as her friend told a smutty joke in front of their parents.
3. The movie had a reputation for its smutty scenes and explicit content.
4. The talk show host was known for his smutty remarks and provocative banter.
5. The group of friends giggled at the smutty graffiti scrawled on the bathroom wall.
6. The comedian's smutty humor offended some, but others found it hilarious.

History and etymology of smutty

The adjective 'smutty' derives its etymology from the Middle English word 'smoteren,' which meant to blacken or soil. This Middle English term was related to the Old English word 'smytian,' signifying to pollute or defile. Over time, the word 'smut' came to refer to dirt, soot, or any substance that could stain or soil. The transition from this original meaning to its modern usage to describe content, language, or themes as obscene or sexually explicit is based on the idea that such material figuratively 'stains' or 'soils' the purity of language or behavior. Thus, 'smutty' characterizes anything that is lewd, indecent, or salacious, carrying with it the historical association of defilement or contamination.

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Further usage examples of smutty

1. The risqué magazine was filled with smutty stories and explicit photographs.
2. The party became rowdy with smutty conversations and suggestive comments.
3. The stand-up comedian received criticism for his smutty style, crossing the line of decency.
4. The smutty chat in the online forum violated the community guidelines and was promptly removed.
5. The group of teenagers exchanged smutty jokes and laughed uncontrollably.
6. The movie had a smutty scene that shocked the audience.
7. He told a smutty joke that made everyone uncomfortable.
8. She received a smutty message on her social media account.
9. The comedian's smutty humor wasn't suitable for all audiences.
10. The book was criticized for its smutty content.
11. The risqué magazine featured smutty stories.
12. He made a smutty comment about their colleague.
13. The TV show's smutty dialogue pushed the boundaries.
14. They exchanged smutty texts in private.
15. Her smutty language offended those around her.
16. The internet is filled with smutty websites.
17. The party took a smutty turn after midnight.
18. The comedian's smutty jokes were a hit at the club.
19. The conversation turned smutty when alcohol was involved.
20. The book was banned due to its smutty scenes.
21. He was known for his smutty sense of humor.
22. The movie's smutty content earned it an R rating.
23. The magazine was criticized for publishing smutty photos.
24. The smutty novel became a controversial bestseller.
25. Avoiding smutty language in professional settings is crucial.



lewd, clean, pure, wholesome


Artifice and Falseness, Interaction and Articulation, Vilification and Vitriol, Degenerate and Deplorable

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