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How to pronounce bewail (audio)

Dictionary definition of bewail

To express deep sorrow, grief, or lamentation over a loss, misfortune, or distressing situation.
"The mourners gathered to bewail the passing of their beloved friend."

Detailed meaning of bewail

It signifies the vocalization or articulation of intense sadness or anguish, often accompanied by crying, wailing, or mournful expressions. When someone bewails, they openly express their sorrow, pain, or regret, usually in response to a significant personal or collective tragedy. The verb conveys a sense of deep emotional distress, often characterized by passionate outbursts of grief or anguish. Bewailing can serve as a cathartic release, allowing individuals to process and externalize their feelings of sorrow or loss. It is a way of acknowledging and giving voice to the emotional impact of a situation, seeking solace or support from others, and acknowledging the magnitude of the suffering experienced. Overall, the act of bewailing embodies a profound expression of grief, serving as a means of acknowledging and mourning the hardships or losses that one encounters.

Example sentences of bewail

1. The villagers bewail the destruction caused by the storm.
2. She would often bewail her misfortunes to anyone who would listen.
3. The poet's verses bewail the loss of innocence in the world.
4. They bewail the injustices of society and strive for change.
5. The mourners bewail the passing of their beloved friend.
6. He would frequently bewail his lack of success in his career.

History and etymology of bewail

The verb 'bewail' has an etymology rooted in Old English. It derives from the Old English word 'bewǣlan,' where 'be-' is an intensifying prefix, and 'wǣlan' means 'to lament' or 'to mourn.' In Old English, 'bewǣlan' specifically denoted the act of expressing profound sorrow or grief, often through lamentation, over a loss, misfortune, or distressing situation. Over time, as the English language evolved, 'bewail' retained its essential meaning of expressing deep sorrow or lamentation, making it a poignant word to convey heartfelt grief or sadness. The etymology of 'bewail' reflects its historical association with the powerful and emotional act of lamenting or mourning, underscoring its significance in expressing profound sorrow.

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Further usage examples of bewail

1. The prisoners bewail their confinement and long for freedom.
2. She would often sit alone and bewail her lonely existence.
3. The refugees bewail the loss of their homeland and the hardships they face.
4. The parents bewail the tragic loss of their child.
5. The poet's words bewail the futility of war and its devastating consequences.
6. They bewail the decline of traditional values in modern society.
7. The artist's paintings bewail the destruction of the environment.
8. The characters in the play bewail their doomed fate.
9. They bewail the decline of moral standards in the younger generation.
10. The author's books often bewail the human condition and its struggles.
11. The workers bewail the oppressive working conditions and low wages.
12. She couldn't help but bewail the loss of her beloved pet.
13. The villagers gathered to bewail the destruction caused by the hurricane.
14. He would often bewail his financial troubles to anyone who would listen.
15. The mourners bewailed the passing of their dear friend with heartfelt tears.
16. The poet's verses bewail the cruelty of war and its devastating impact.
17. She would bewail her misfortune whenever life threw a curveball.
18. In times of hardship, people often gather to bewail their collective suffering.
19. He used to bewail the state of the world and its injustices passionately.
20. The grieving mother could do nothing but bewail the loss of her child.
21. The community came together to bewail the tragedy that struck their town.
22. The writer's novels often bewail the harsh realities of life.
23. He would bewail the fact that he missed out on so many opportunities.
24. It's essential to express and bewail your sorrow to heal from loss.


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