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How to pronounce bemoan (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'bemoan'

To express sorrow or regret for something, usually in a loud or dramatic way.
"Parents often bemoan the lack of communication with their teenagers."

Detailed Meaning of 'bemoan'

It implies a sense of complaining or lamenting about something, often something that cannot be changed or undone. For example, someone who bemoans a lost opportunity may express regret or sorrow for not taking advantage of it, or someone who bemoans their current situation may express regret or sorrow for the way things have turned out. The word can also be used to describe a situation where someone is expressing sorrow or regret in a loud or dramatic way, often in a way that can be seen as excessive. Bemoaning can also imply a sense of helplessness or resignation towards the situation, it may indicate that the person is aware that the situation cannot be changed and is expressing their disappointment or frustration.

History and Etymology of 'bemoan'

The verb 'bemoan' has its etymological origins in Old English, specifically from the word 'beman,' which is a combination of 'be,' meaning 'thoroughly,' and 'mǣnan,' meaning 'to complain' or 'to lament.' In its earliest form, 'beman' conveyed the idea of thoroughly expressing sorrow or lamentation. Over time, it evolved into the modern term 'bemoan,' which means to express sorrow or regret for something, often in a loud or dramatic manner. 'Bemoan' captures the sense of deeply and vocally mourning or lamenting a situation, emphasizing the emotional intensity of the expression of regret or grief. The etymology of 'bemoan' underscores its historical connection to the act of vocalizing sorrow or complaint with a strong emotional resonance.

Examples of 'bemoan' in a Sentence

1. Musicians bemoan the challenges of making a living in a streaming-dominated industry.
2. Small business owners bemoan the bureaucracy they have to face.
3. Farmers bemoan the unpredictability of the weather affecting their crops.
4. The residents bemoan the increase in traffic and noise in their once-quiet neighborhood.
5. Workers often bemoan the long hours they have to put in.
6. Travelers bemoan the lack of comfort in economy class on long flights.
7. People with dietary restrictions bemoan the lack of options in many restaurants.
8. Gamers bemoan the rise of microtransactions in video games.
9. City dwellers often bemoan the lack of green spaces and parks.
10. Authors bemoan the difficulty of getting published in a saturated market.
11. The audience began to bemoan the decline in quality of their favorite TV show.
12. Aspiring artists bemoan the scarcity of opportunities in the art world.
13. Consumers bemoan the fact that products don’t seem to last as long as they used to.
14. She would often bemoan her missed opportunities, regretting the paths not taken.
15. Don't just bemoan the situation; take action to change it for the better.
16. As the storm raged on, the villagers began to bemoan their flooded homes.
17. He would frequently bemoan his lack of artistic talent, despite his passion for painting.
18. Amidst the chaos, she continued to bemoan the loss of her beloved pet.
19. We shouldn't bemoan our mistakes; instead, we should learn from them.
20. In the face of adversity, it's easy to bemoan our fate, but resilience is key.
21. The workers began to bemoan the never-ending stream of deadlines and tasks.
22. Some people bemoan the passing of the old days, while others embrace change.
23. Despite his success, he would often bemoan the sacrifices he made along the way.
24. She couldn't help but bemoan the constant noise from the construction next door.





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