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How to pronounce bourgeois (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'bourgeois'

Associated with the middle or upper-middle class in society.
"The bourgeois neighborhood was filled with large homes and well-manicured lawns."

Detailed meaning of 'bourgeois'

The term "bourgeois" originated in France during the 18th century and originally referred to members of the middle class who were wealthy, property-owning citizens. Over time, the definition of "bourgeois" evolved to encompass not just wealth and property ownership, but also a certain set of cultural and social values, such as respectability, conservatism, and a focus on material prosperity and comfort. Today, "bourgeois" is often used to describe a person who is considered conventional and middle-of-the-road in their beliefs and values. It can also refer to an object or product that is designed for or marketed towards the middle class.

History and etymology of 'bourgeois'

The adjective 'bourgeois' has a French origin, and its etymology can be traced back to the Old French word 'burgeis,' which means 'an inhabitant of a town' or 'a freeman of a borough.' The term 'burgeis' was derived from the Latin word 'burgensis,' which pertained to individuals living in a town or a borough. Over time, especially during the Middle Ages and the rise of the merchant class, the word 'bourgeois' evolved to describe the middle or upper-middle class in society. It became associated with individuals engaged in commerce, trade, and industry, as opposed to the nobility or the working class. Today, 'bourgeois' is often used to describe qualities or attitudes associated with middle-class values, such as materialism or a concern for social status. Its etymology reflects the historical development of this term from its original meaning as a town dweller to its current connotations related to social class and values.

Example sentences containing 'bourgeois'

1. Bourgeois attitudes towards art favored realism over abstraction.
2. The bourgeois family enjoyed a comfortable suburban existence.
3. Her taste in fashion was undeniably bourgeois, favoring classics.
4. Bourgeois values often prioritize homeownership and savings.
5. The restaurant catered to a predominantly bourgeois clientele.
6. His speech was marked by a subtle bourgeois accent.
7. Bourgeois ideals stressed the importance of education and culture.
8. The bourgeois lifestyle was marked by social conformity.
9. She wore her bourgeois upbringing as a badge of honor.
10. Bourgeois culture placed a premium on propriety and respectability.
11. The bourgeois class was often the target of social criticism.
12. The bourgeois mindset tended to resist radical political change.
13. Bourgeois households were characterized by their well-kept appearance.
14. The bourgeois dream of upward mobility drove their ambition.
15. The bourgeoisie, or the middle class, held a significant amount of power in the society.
16. He was a member of the bourgeoisie and lived a comfortable life.
17. The bourgeoisie were known for their conservative values and capitalist beliefs.
18. The bourgeoisie played a significant role in the French Revolution.
19. The bourgeoisie's wealth and power came from their ownership of property and businesses.
20. He was criticized by the proletariat for being a member of the bourgeoisie.
21. The bourgeois lifestyle is marked by a love of comfort and luxury.
22. The party was filled with bourgeois guests sipping champagne.
23. She was raised in a bourgeois family and was taught to value hard work and material success.
24. The bourgeois fashion sense was characterized by tasteful and understated elegance.
25. The bourgeois ideals of respectability and conformity were upheld by the community.
26. He was a proud member of the bourgeois class and never missed an opportunity to flaunt his wealth.
27. The bourgeois couple spent their weekends attending cultural events and dining at upscale restaurants.
28. The bourgeois mentality values stability and predictability over adventure and risk-taking.
29. The bourgeois family made a point of sending their children to the best private schools.



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